Corregidor: Island of Glory and Military History. What World War 2 textbooks don’t tell us.

Some people find it weird that I have an unexplained fascination for wars, battles and weaponry. Maybe because I grew up in a Military/Educator Family. My grandfather (Mother side), Antonio Lumogdang Sr., was a Philippine Army veteran who fought during the Vietnam and Korean War. My Uncle Antonio Jr. is a Philippine Military Major. An…

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Why is Death depicted as ugly?

I was browsing through the internet about life and death looking for a proper picture for one of my categories on this blog. I kept scrolling down the image views and there are common denominators. Most of the time, death is depicted either like a monster, a spider’s web, a skeleton, an old man with…

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The Lipstick

Lipsticks makes a woman's lips inviting to an adventurous and dominant man. He desires to smudge it, erase it and bite it. He longs to use his tongue to remove the rogue and suckle on to the soft, pliant, strong yet inwardly submissive mouth of his woman.

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The Irony of a Miscarriage (May 16, 2018)

When you think about a pregnancy and you think about the beginnings of a human being forming and all the things that have to go perfectly, it really and truly is a miracle when it happens. You have two sets of genetic material coming together that have to divide, and sometimes things go wrong. The simplest way to think about it is that miscarriage is sort of nature's way of making sure that a human being is compatible with life.

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Pregnancy Dream (May 7, 2018)

Being married and having fertility issues is really devastating especially when I always wanted to have children. Infertility runs in my family (father side) where even my aunts, female cousins suffer from it, some have babies late 40s, some had miscarriages while most are childless. In my case, I used to have polycystic ovary (now…

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He stared at me, memorizing my face. Our skin hot with sweat and sex. He kissed, nipped my lower lip and sucked on my tongue. He kept whispering he loves me with his every strong Yet pleasurable thrusts inside me. “The situation is now in your favor.” He thrusted harder once more. He then stopped,…

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It was all surreal. A beautiful nightmare. The sandman weaving in and out of my body. The quicksand of love burying me. I have to hold on to him. Beads of sweat glistening under the soft light. We moved as one, Moaning each other’s name Like a thirsty man searching for an oasis Begging in…

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The Violin

“Patience is a virtue, my love,” he whispered to her as he gently pulled the strings on her shoulder, like the delicate strings of his violin, her body created more excitement in him.

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Shadow play

My tanned skin glistening with sweat as I danced in front of you. Hips swaying, slowly moving towards you. My body dangerously feverish upon the sight of your intent eyes. Your mischievous smile, sensual stare lighting my path in this tempting darkness. You waited in anticipation for the gift that I will bestow upon you. I…

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I feel you by Schiller

I feel you I feel you In every stone In every leaf of every tree If ever grown I feel you In everything In every river that might flow In every seed you might have sown I feel you In every stone In every leaf of every tree That you ever might have grow I…

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Demons by Starset

Mayday! Mayday! The ship is slowly sinking They think I’m crazy but they don’t know the feeling They’re all around me, Circling like vultures They wanna break me and wash away my colors Wash away my colors Take me high and I’ll sing Oh you make everything okay (okay, okay) We are one in the…

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Thoughts about work

I used to be very driven, I had a partner and we built a company in another country, that company is still in the industry and successful in that country today. I’ve written books and modules for that company I built with that partner but after giving all the resources to him, he discarded me…

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