I Hate Persons who… I Love Persons that…

Dear Person,

I’m just a simple person who sees and feels too deeply, talks a lot -not about silly things – but on what I observe in the world. I’m someone who’ll someday perish as the years pass by but I’m someone who wants to make a difference in the world. Every day before I go to my destination, I watch the local and international news and stocks. Every day in my life I see things; I see them, as they are, what they are and who they are. Before you start reading, I want to thank you for having time to read my letter and I want to apologize if I offended you.


I hate you because you…

Insult others and think that you’re a supreme being on this planet but in truth, you are what you insult.

Batter your wife and children, you must wake up! God gave you your wife and your children because he doesn’t want you to be alone in life.

Didn’t stand up and fight for your rights, don’t you just stand there and allow others to take advantage of you! You are deprived of your right to have a home, deprived of knowing the truth, deprived of your right to live your life comfortably as a person and to have an education.

Didn’t want to go to school, your parent’s worked hard to get you to school. Your books, clothes, allowance and your tuition, all were given to you.

Don’t understand my feelings, that I am starting to love and I am no longer a child, I want you to understand what I feel and somehow, instead of making me feel down, will guide me. Please don’t deprive me of my right to love.

Didn’t listen to what I am saying, you keep your ears closed to us. You keep on sitting in the government being called Honorable; you use your power to rob the people of this country instead of giving them importance.

Don’t even care to look at my works, my hardships, and my achievements. You even think that all my hardships are called “TRASH”. Why don’t you make me feel that I am also important, even just for a moment?

If there is hate, then it also has the counterpart: LOVE. There are some qualities that I like in you. Of course, we all know that however bad or evil a person is, there will still be a little kindness in our hearts.


I Love you because…

You helped me on all walks of my life, became my eyes to see the reality in life and helped me understand the things that I don’t know.

You encouraged me to be the best that I can be, you even sacrificed for my sake. You cried tears with me when I’m lonely, cheered and laugh with me when I was happy.

You appreciated the things that I did with my heart and my sweat.

You helped me reached my dreams and hold on to my principles as a human and as a person.

You hear the voice of the people with dignity and truth. You think of your country and your people but remained faithful to them because they choose you to be a leader.

You stand up for your right and accepted virtues and helped others to defend their selves. You are willing to take the risk just to defend others from deprivation of their rights.

You love your wife and respect her as your partner in building up your family and your home. You love your children and nourish them. Gave them their right to health, education, freedom, and livelihood.

You accept the uniqueness of others and understand their feelings. That like you, they also hurt and cry. They feel happiness, fear, loneliness, anger, and kindness.

This is all I could say to you my dear person, my friend. Do the right thing and always remember that you are important and loved if you bring happiness to others. Try to be an encouragement not a burden to those who are around you.


Your Friend,



Dee Almeda View All →

Multi-conscious, Sensual, Intuitive and a follower of Goddess Inanna

A woman who values life in a higher divine level than the materialistic level of life.

Loves volunteer works for Non-Government organizations that supports life, animals, nature and spiritual growth.

Currently in a quest to achieving Multi-Dimentional Consciousness.

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