What in the world did Hamai Misa want from Hino Kahoko?

What in the world did Hamai Misa want from Hino Kahoko?

By Dreclusesoul

Genre: Romance K+

Setting: 3 years after the series

AN: It’s been a while since I’ve written something, been so busy with my Teaching Practicum.

Len wondered.

The concurs participants wondered.

The entire Seiso Academy wondered.

What in the world did Hamai Misa want from Kahoko Hino?

There had been reports and pictures in magazines that the 2 women had been together. They were mostly spotted spending time talking animatedly with each other in restaurants, shopping malls, and concerts.

Everyone in the academy knew how dense Kahoko is in the matters of the heart, everyone knew how the girl, instead of choosing someone from her concurs suitors; choose to fall in love with her violin; Hamai Misa is aware of the situation and she is not just the type of woman who’d just sit and watch. After all, the famous Pianist is also a psychologist.

Little by little, Hamai Misa befriended the violinist, and as we knew Kahoko, she is the one who’d easily trust with all her heart. Within the span of 1 year, Hamai Misa became Kahoko’s best friend.

On the second year, Hino Kahoko became a familiar household name for the Tsukimori Family. Hamai Misa would invite the young girl every day to practice in her home while her husband and her son just watch them. Ah, the sweet melodies coming from the hearts of the 2 women mingling and resonating in the big mansion is just so powerful that the 2 men of the house cannot help but be swayed by the music they were creating. By the middle of the second year, Hamai Misa decided to add Hino Kahoko in the list of her honored guest performers for her concerts in Japan and in other countries.

Of course, by adding Kahoko as her guest would be a delightful scenario for her. Her son is included as well in her concerts. She watched the 2 violinists, they were in Germany for a concert. As of the moment, they were having lunch at a restaurant. Hamai Misa seated opposite of Len who was seated beside Kahoko.

The pianist’s mind drifted in her own little world of Mathematics.

Len and His violin plus Kahoko and her violin times more practice time equal to fondness, adoration, and LOVE.

Yes, Love will be the end product. And if that Love grows more, it can be divided into 2 or more little Len and Kahoko look alike.

Hamai giggled loud enough for her son and Kahoko to notice. They watch in wonder as the blushing pianist embarrasses herself in front of them. Hamai Misa felt eyes upon her, and as she looked up, she saw her son and Kahoko watching her. To save herself, she flashed them her charming smile and spoke, “To out concert, and to the Future.” As the two young adults raised their glasses for her, she added, “You two really looked good together.” Making her son and Kahoko blush.

On the third year, there was a change, the magazines reported and showed pictures of Len Tsukimori, Hamai Misa’s son with Hino Kahoko. The two were reportedly seen together practicing more than 6 hours a day, strolling in cherry blossom parks, Concerts and having intimate dinners in classy restaurants. Some pictures also showed the two holding hands while preparing for their flights to other countries for Hamai Misa’s concerts.

By the end of the 3rd year,

Everyone wondered.

Seiso Academy wondered.

The concurs participants wondered.

Even Len Tsukimori and Hino Kahoko wondered.

How in the world did the 2 violinists end up standing in front of a priest with their family and friends gathered around them to witness their exchange of vows?

Only Hamai Misa Knew.

In the End, Len finally realized that Hamai Misa, his mother, the famous pianist is also a scheming witch. But in the end, he is thankful for it.

So how about you? What do you think Hamai Misa want from Hino Kahoko?


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