The Holy Cuck (chapter 1)

Thou Shall not commit adultery was one of the preaching in the bible. A Preacher and his wife and another person. Will a marriage be destroyed or will their little affairs continue till their death? God forgive them for they are sinners who only wants to love passionately.

Chapter 1

She eyed the glistening wedding band in her hand as she drove around this quiet suburb. It’s been 5 years since she married a holy man. Holy in the sense that he is a well-known Chaplain and Pastor in their city. Who would have thought that a handsome, successful hunk who preaches in their city would fall in love with her and would ask her to marry him. She’s a non-believer but at least they were allowed to marry by putting on a disguise and a paper that she belonged to his congregation. Rain moved the car to the right and into a garage. Nervousness crept in her heart, up on the second floor window of their house, a person awaits.

Mark is a successful and caring chaplain, he visits prisons, hospitals and even military camps to do his duty as a servant of God. Every weekends he is busy preaching. A hard worker, he tries his hardest to fulfill his duty to the community and his duties to his beloved wife. He is the epitome of a perfect husband and a happy wife in front of society but Mark harbors a dark secret which he just recently told Rain. Rain was a bit shocked but she loves her husband so much so she’s willing to do anything to make him happy but will she be able to do it? Finishing all his paperwork, Mark reclined in his office chair at the Parish. He was deep in thought. he looked up at the wall clock that gives out a distinct tic and toc with each quiet second. His gut wrenching as he thought about his wife. She’d be home around this time and she’s alone in the house.

Rain slowly opened the door of their house. It’s 5 pm and she’s supposed to prepare for their dinner but Mark said he’d be bringing food later so she didn’t.

3 Weeks ago

It was raining hard outside and Rain was reading a Chesterton book about politics when Mark walked in with 2 cups of Java coffee. He sat near her and gave her a cup. She smiled as she took the cup from him.

“How’s your day?”, He asked her at that time. He sat down the couch, watching her silently with a hesitant look in his face.

She studied her husband’s body language then replied, “All is well at my work and I am very much relaxed. How about you?”

He sipped his coffee then knelt beside her and pulled her near with a fearful look in his eyes. He kissed her temple and whispered, “Please don’t leave me.”

Rain closed the book she was reading, she placed it beside her and she turned her head to look at her husband. Seeing fear and another emotion in his eyes, she quietly asked him, “What’s the matter, love? Did something happen at work? Were you fired or maybe you have another woman?”

“No, No and especially no on the last part.” He chuckled nervously. His face then turned serious. “You know I love you so much and I won’t be able to bear if you’ll leave me.” Mark gingerly grasp Rain’s hands.

She looked into her husband’s eyes and she tried to prepare her heart for what is about to come.

“Love.” He paused and continued, his eyes now downcast and at the verge of tears, “I’m a sex addict I think.”

“Okay. I know you love-making love with me 90% of the time.” Rain chuckled, “So what’s the problem with it?”

He was about to speak but hesitated. He then decided to tell her more. “Rain, Love, Listen to me.” He gently caressed her cheek so that she’ll look at him. ” when my tank for sex runs empty, I begin to crave kinkier and dirtier sex. I’ve been trying my best to behave with you because I didn’t want to scare you or lose you because I love you so much.”

It took a while before Rain replied, “What is this craving that you have, Mark?”

“My ultimate and darkest,” He paused, breathe in deeply then continued. “I develop a fetish to be a cuckold, where the woman is in total power of the relationship. To the point, where she can take any man or woman at will and I will be ok with it.”

Rain grasped in surprised but remained silent.

Mark went on, preparing for the worst. Since he has already spilled his years of secret from her, he might as well tell her everything and be ready for the consequences. “I would eat the cum from her after she is taken by other men, she would tease me and humiliate me about being fucked and wanted, and make me watch when they do it…..”, he trailed off and he slowly hid his face on her shoulder.


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