Tantric Enlightenment (Chapter 1)

You never know what the future holds but there are chances you will learn about your past and it will affect you in a balanced way. I’m a very scientific and logical woman, however, a twist of fate led me to the spiritual path. That’s where I met him.

A week ago

“Now Annabelle, breathe in drawing in the divine light, breathe out all the negative energies inside you.” I followed these words as I was laying down the hypnotherapist couch. Greg is a fine Psychologist, doctor and hypnotherapist. He’s my friend and he assists me with letting go of all my emotional and psychological baggage. One time I went to him and told him about my issues at home, work and relationships. The weird part is I am always being abused emotionally and used by people who think that I am always there to help them and clean up the messes they made in their lives.

Before I started the therapy, I uttered these words to him, “Why am I always attracting the wrong people and situations in my life?”. Greg inquisitively looked at me, his right brow raising a bit in a questioning way. He walked towards where I was seated, looked at me eye to eye and spoke in a low voice, “I know you are  very logical person but I wonder if you’d let me regress you so that we can find out if you have unfulfilled karmic obligations or karmic stuff that might have been manifesting in your life.”

“Oh, come on Greg, you’re a psychiatrist and you believe in crazy stuff like that.” I sarcastically told him.

Greg touched my palms and he said, “Please, just try. I promise I will guide you and you’ll have full control of it.”

I sighed, I gave in to him, he’s right, there’s nothing wrong with me trying it.

“Okay, just today then no more.” I squeezed his hands and he motioned for me to lay down on his cream colored big Lazy boy couch. As I settled comfortably on the couch, he instructed me about the things that I have to expect and to only follow his voice. He also told me that I have full control over the things that I will see and that I can snap out of it anytime I wanted to. The session finally started. As my mind relaxes and my breathing became deep and calm, Greg instructed me to go tell him the things that I will see during the session. And upon the first part, my mind wandered to different places.


The door opened and I found myself clothed in beautiful robes. My hair held up high with loose tendrils on the sides framing my youthful face. My head and body adorned and crowned with jewels, I walked and proudly looked at the men visiting the Temple. 8 years ago I went in this Temple trembling like a sheep in Lions Den. My parents too poor to help me survive gave me away to the Priestesses of Venus. I trained hard and went through series of hardships before I was stationed as one of the High priestesses. Men would kiss our feet and legs, our neck and arms for them to get the Powers of our Goddess Venus. We use our charms but we are trained to restrain in case these men want much more than what we give them. To be a High Priestess is a valuable position. We must maintain our chastity even if some men cannot control their urges. We must keep our lips and virginity pure for they said that it’ll affect the powers of our Goddess.

Men bow down as I pass by the temple halls. On my way up to the main temple near the flight of stairs stood a High General looking down at me. He was stern and had just came back from the battle he had won with his soldiers. His armor adorned with dried blood from his dead enemies and his sword carefully placed on his left side.. My facade is slowly vanishing, my body trembling as I slowly walked up the stairs leading to where the man stood. I could feel in my heart that in any given moment, my frail emotions would show. He opened the door and quietly followed me as I cross the main hall of the temple up to where my room was located. As the door of my room closed with a thud and the lock secured in place. I turned to face the man, those dangerous eyes softened, his arms opened inviting me in.

I ran into his awaiting arms, relief flooding my senses and tears of joy swells in my eyes as my dearest friend returned alive from one of the harshest battle in our country’s history. Seeing my tears he traced his tongue on my jaw up to my cheeks where my tears fell, licking the tears as they fall. I held unto him so tight that even if my soft body crashed hard onto his hard and cold armor, I don’t mind at all.

“Althaia, your beautiful dress will be dirtied by my armor.”  Moving away from me, Kreon removed his armor. His white tunic reeked of man’s sweaty smell and spots of dried blood on some parts made me frown. 

“Come with me.” I said as I stared at the armor on the floor beside where he was standing. I lead him to the other side of my room where a big roman bath awaits. I walked down the teal colored marble. My bare feet slowly descending the marbled stairs leading to the bath. As I got closer to the edge of the pool filled with water, I slowly untied the ribbons holding my red dress letting the fabric slip down to reveal my flesh. I stepped into the bath, and waded my way to the middle of the clear water. The water is up to my waist, enough for the water to distort the view of my femininity from his sight.

Clutching my hands between my breasts, I closed my eyes and called forth the powers of Venus to bless the water. After blessing the water, I moved closer to the edge where he stood looking at me and waiting. I held up my right hand for him to take. He took it gently cradling my hand with his and silently entered the bath, the lower part of his tunic getting wet from being in contact with water. Kreon pulled up his tunic and removed in front of me, revealing his muscled and warrior body, very opposite from Althaia’s gentle feminine curves.


Greg was a bit worried as Annabelle started breathing heavily. Her mouth opened as her color changed and few beads of sweat started forming on her forehead, neck and chest. Her cheeks slowly turning red.

“Annabelle, you have control over this regression, you may continue on or open your eyes if you want to end it.” He said. His voice very distant from the back of my head.


I moved to touch the battle scars he got from the wars he participated in. I grabbed the wash cloth, dipped it on the water and started scrubbing away the dried blood from his body. My head lowered as I can sense his heated stare as i cleanse him. 

Kreon looked at her with reverence, her beautiful face and curved soft body tempted him to the ends of the earth amidst the self control he uses as a mask. They grew up together when they were young, he saw when her parents sold her to the Temple of Venus so that they will have something to eat. He was 10 years older than her but in his 20’s he decided to become a great warrior to make sure that he can protect his city and most especially her. As she became a High priestess, he climbed up the ranks in his Country’s army winning a lot of wars until he became the General. Now in his mid 30’s, he had seen her blossomed from a wild flower into a delicate rose filled with thorns – beautiful, feminine but has an air of danger around her. Most of the priestesses were gentle and meek but he had taught her how to fight, to draw her dagger, fight with sword and evade enemies. That way he knows that no matter what happens, even if he is not there to protect her honor, she will be able to protect herself.

I stopped scrubbing his upper body and looked at him, he seemed to be lost in his thoughts. I touched his cheeks and woke him from his thoughts. He looked down at me and I smiled. 

He realized he was lost in his thoughts. He felt her fingers touching his cheeks. he cannot help but look at her in amazement. her lips a bit parted and inviting, both of them naked, face to face and her presence felt so natural that he could not help but give in to his desires for the woman he vowed to protect with his life. The evening is playing tricks with his mind. The luscious wet lips, her eyes and her soft warm body pressed onto his does not help in keeping his self-restraint in normal levels.

“What’s wrong?” her soft voice echoed him back to reality. He looked down at her worried eyes. Unable to stop himself even if it was wrong, he cannot hold back any longer. His eyes softened and a small smile formed on his lips. He loves her for so long and although they are best friends he can no longer bear the though of them growing old as friends only or dying in battle without telling her how much he loves her. He pulled her into his arms, held her tight and in a husky and pleading voice he said, “Forgive me my Althaia.” He moved to capture her lips with his, both of his hands framing her face gently so that he could finally taste the lips that haunted him for a very long time. 

I felt dizzy and giddy but all the more I felt my body so warm as he pulled my naked body onto his. I heard his pleading voice whispering near my ear asking me to forgive him. It took time for me to comprehend why he was asking for forgiveness for he never did anything that will make me feel sad or angry, he had never hurt me too. Then I felt his palms frame my face as he suddenly conquered my lips. I have no other choice but surrender to his delicious attentions. So this is what he was asking forgiveness for – the kiss. His kiss on mine felt like eternity, I moved my mouth away from his then I assured him that there is nothing to forgive. I then clasped my hands on his hair, brought his head slowly down to my face and I captured his mouth in a shy kiss. 

The experience of her kiss drove him to feel the carnal fires of his desire for her. He gently clasped his fingers on her hair. His hands started moving up and down the curve of her back. His lips moved from her lips and onto her jaw and neck. An encouraging moan escaped from her mouth and it was enough for him to start moving his mouth down the middle of her breast. He licked her cleavage as he held on to her body hoping that what’s currently transpiring between them is real and that this was not just a dream.

My mind was hazy as his mouth started roaming down my neck and my breast. I moaned in pleasure as one of his hands started cupping my breast and his thumb flicking my nipples making them hard under his will. His warm body and his lower part slowly grinding on my lower region rubbing something that triggers more pleasure on my body. My moans were stifled by his mouth. I am getting breathless and  even if he’s my friend for a very long time, I know that we have something between us that we cannot put into words but in this moment we will let our hearts and bodies speak for us.

Kreon’s fingers started moving down her body, her lips still a prisoner on his own. He loves her so much and wants to pleasure her more, make her feel his desire and care for her. He wanted her to feel how much he wanted to protect and shower her his love. He stopped their kiss and pulled her up and lead her towards the chaise near the bath. He smiled as he looked into her eyes noticing the blush coming up on her cheeks, the glistening water droplets on her naked body makes her so erotically and visually stimulating in his sight. She looked at his body and her blush deepened as she saw how his hard manhood stood in all it’ veined glory in front of her.

I was amazed at how tall, strong and intimidating he looks when I was laying down the chaise and with him standing and looking at me, I could feel his heated stare on my body, my blush deepened when I saw how hard and powerful looking his male presence was in all his naked glory. He went down on his knees and started kissing my lips, his hands moved to clutch my breast and sucked gently on my breasts then back to my mouth, his tongue licking my entire mouth in slow but sensual motion that it made my body drip with sexual nectar. Then his left hand went up to clutch my hair as his right hand went down to where he wants to go. All over my body and down to where my guarded pearl is located.

Kreon clutched her hair as his mouth moved from her lips, throat, jaw, soft feminine mounds near her heart and he want back up again to deepen his kiss hungrily like he starved for. His other hand moved down to search for her wet pleasure point. He started in a circular motion to gently rub and tease her pearl making her elicit moans of delight and pleasure while their mouths are locked in their kiss. 

 His fingers pleasuring my pearl drove me crazy, it makes me feel like jolts of electricity pass by from his hands to the pit of my stomach. My mind was hazy and my body felt like it is going to erupt as his mouth kisses mine in a passionate lip lock and at the same time his fingers delivering me to something promising. 


Moans erupted on Anna’s lips. To Greg’s point of view, it seem like she’s in pain, her breathing labored, her chest heaving harder, More sweat started forming on her forehead and her body began shaking. Greg was alarmed and he started calling on her name.

“Annabelle, wake up, you are in charge of what you can see. You can get out of it if you want to and if you are in pain.”  he said in an authoritative voice.


Kreon felt her body starting to shake a bit, he can feel her pearl started to swell and he knows she is near completion. In a swift movement he let go of her body and moved to kiss and suckle on her pearl. His wet tongue flickering the pearl in circular motion until she tried to move his mouth away from her flower. He then gripped her arms so that she would not be able to push him away as he knew she’s near. He trapped her arms in a grip lock, his elbow gently keeping her legs wide open as he suckle on her womanhood until he felt her fingernails dig into the flesh of his forearm – a signal than in any given second she will release all of her feminine juices…her body shook violently in pleasure.


Annabelle moaned loudly in pleasure and jolted up. Greg was holding her, trying to wake her up. She just had an orgasm on the soul level that made her orgasm on the physical level too.

“Oh God! Greg! That was so intense!” she muttered in between her breath.

“What was intense? what happened to you in there?” her friend asked, worried about her.

“I now believe you!” she said. She decided not to tell him what she had just saw and what she experienced. She then stood up and went straight to the toilet unable to walk properly because of her wetness.


AN: Hi everyone, Thanks for your time in reading this story. This story is unedited. Chapter 2 will be done soon.

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