Why Be Sad and Feel Bad About Life When We Are the Most Powerful Sperm?

Ever wonder about how we came to be? Yes we all know the scientific fact that “Fertilization occurs when sexual intercourse allows sperm to travel through the female’s vagina through the cervix and the uterus to meet the mature egg. Although males can release 200-300 million sperm, it only takes one to penetrate the egg. Do you remember the teacher in our biology class telling us that only one sperm—the strongest, fittest and healthiest sperm will be able to get into the egg cell. And that one sperm eventually turned out to be you and me.

During our Early Childhood Education Class, our Professor made us watch an old documentary about the fertilization process up till child-birth. I was so amazed, It was like watching an actual war inside the Female Reproductive system.

Once the sperms were ejaculated inside the vagina, the vagina’s inner environment kills most number of sperm right after entering. It was like watching the movie Last Samurai, where in the first bout of the actual fight was that the Japanese Imperial soldiers (e.g. the vagina) were hurdling cannons and bullets (vaginal acid) on the front line of defense of the samurai (e.g. the sperms), thus killing the first ones who had entered the ‘war zone’. Then those who had survived the first bout will march up to find the egg way up above the cervix then to the uterus all the way to the Fallopian tube to locate the egg. The inner reproductive system of a woman is like a vast universe where in the sperms get lost. Actually, the sperms were programmed to find the egg, some were fooled to attach to any round matter inside the woman’s body mistaking it as the egg cell. Those sperms who were wise enough that were able to reach the egg cell will eventually surround the egg cell that was heavily guarded by acids again. One by one the sperms would surround the egg to eat up all the acids and to create a full entrance for the strongest sperm to invade the egg.

Okay enough of the scientific fact, what I really wanted to say is that basing on these lengthy explanation is that we, who are alive and living today were the strongest SPERM who then turned into a person.

Yes I know we all encounter problems in life that are too much to handle but hey, whenever I think about the sperms, I feel much better because I realize I wouldn’t be here if I am not the strongest.

I am laughing right now, or you are probably laughing as you read my blog but try to think about it, we keep on ranting and complaining about life in general but try to think of ourselves as a very little microscopic sperm from our fathers, even way back when we were just a protein we are fighting our way to be born and be alive right now.

So, whatever problems we may encounter all of us—let us think of us way back when we are still a cell, and how far we have traveled and encountered the harsh battle ground A.K.A. WAR ZONE inside our mothers.

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