I cannot sleep. You are in my mind all the time.

Forbidden fruit. Soft, hard, tempting warlock

Claimed by deep dark brown eyes that dives in my soul.

Your spell broke me yet with arms wide, I welcomed you.

I have no regrets and inside my heart, I know…

I love you. And I know what I felt is unrequited because you said you cannot love.

The song I sang for you is true.


“We can go deep if you need to

I won’t draw the line that runs against you,

Don’t hold back if you’re afraid,

A sensual sin is what awaits you.

But I have one request,

And if you don’t think it’s senseless,

Let me give you something else.

Let me love you…free of all rituals

Nothing habitual

Something you can sink your teeth into.

Let me love you…free from ‘where have you been?’

Free from what’s take command

Something you can always fall back into,

My love for you.”

End my agony. If I lose you, it’s like death.

Death by thousand binding thorns.

If you choose to walk with me, 

I will never leave and be there for you.

Loving and trusting, staying as long as you need me,

Until the time when you finally learn 

To trust and love yourself.



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