I understand…you never loved me.

I understand that your priority is money, fame and power.

I understand that no matter how hard I try,

You never see my efforts and sacrifices.

I really do understand that you are not happy with me,

That you said I am a liability because of my illnesses,

Because of my longing for your caress and time.

I know you love your work, career and friends more.

I know that you never valued me as a wife.

You never made me feel loved.

That during emergencies or when I am hospitalized do you answer the phone.

You even turn it off because your priority is your school or career.

I am only needed when the time and situation is convenient for you.

Not once have you praised me for the good things I did for you, for us, for others yet you loved getting them.

Not once you made me feel how important I am.

Not once have you ever listened to me when I have a bad day or sad because you were too busy building your career, your fame, your power that you forgot I am here.

You never made me feel loved.

To the point I even have to beg for you to kiss, hug and touch me.

I know that I am trying to show the world how much

I try to put on the mask of a happily married wife.

All short comings, all your misery, all your regrets in life…

You blamed it all on me

To the point you also said you will never regret even if

We part and break our relationship apart.

You don’t have to say it to my face.

I feel it all the time.

I do understand….this honest truth

You never really loved me right from the start.

You only loved you

And you only loved your ideal thought of me.

12/7/2017 8:44 pm

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Dee Almeda View All →

Multi-conscious, Sensual, Intuitive and a follower of Goddess Inanna

A woman who values life in a higher divine level than the materialistic level of life.

Loves volunteer works for Non-Government organizations that supports life, animals, nature and spiritual growth.

Currently in a quest to achieving Multi-Dimentional Consciousness.

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  1. At your absolute best, you still won’t be good enough for the wrong person. At your worst, you’ll still be worth it to the right person. Remember this.

    When things get tough, you can start to doubt yourself. You wish you were stronger, that you could do more, that you had a better support network. But don’t worry, no matter how much it may not feel like it— you are all you need. To get through anything.

    Dear, you are more than enough.

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  2. Hello, i know how painful it is to be unloved by your husband but I just wanna share that somebody loves you that he even die on the cross for you. Maybe your husband fall out of love but pray for him and forgive yourself.

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