Dragon of Eros

A creature was feared by the villagers of a beautiful and fertile land. That creature is a magnificent dragon. It is strong, fierce and a merciless killer. Few knights have tried to kill her and grab her treasure hoard. It is said in the legends that this Dragon is also the one to choose the next King of the land. Knights from all over the land want to capture the Dragon so that they will become King and be a Master of the Dragon. In the past, 3 knights became king because they captured the Dragon; unfortunately, It is so wild and cannot really be tamed. They suppressed its powers and bound its wings so that it cannot fly. Those 3 were eaten alive.

300 years have passed since the land had a king and it was in utter chaos. People prayed for peace, food and prosperity but it didn’t come. A myth has been handed down from generation to generation that the Dragon was the Goddess’ pet and the previous king hurt the dragon so the Goddess cursed the land.

One day, a powerful Sailor went past the Dragon’s Kingdom. One of his old crew, a man in his 80th Decade, spoke of a legend about a Dragon and how this vast land is waiting for the Goddess’ blessings and forgiveness.

“Ishtar, tell me more about this tale.” Captain Eric Hellion asked his trusted adviser.

The old man walked towards the front of their Huge ship, Eric followed suit. The old, despite having a bad eyesight pointed towards the mountain top of the land in front of them.

“I used to live in that land, my boy.” he stopped and tried to trace the silhouette of a castle at the top. Eric saw it and became interested. Seeing the lad’s interest piqued. Ishtar continued talking.

“When I was young, the men in my land would do their best to storm the Dragon’s castle in search to tame and Master the dragon who lives there. In out history, only 3 Kings were able to tame her but because of greed, the Dragon ate them alive.”

Captain Eric nodded and asked, “Do they know what the dragon looked like?”

“From what I heard from my great-grandfather, the Dragon is a magnificent view, she shimmer like crystal and has powerful horns, Be it day or night, you can see it right away because it is glimmering bright like a star in the night sky.”

“So this dragon emits light and looks like a gemstone or crystal?” Eric asked.

The old man nodded then continued talking, “It is also said that when the dragon is asleep, the Goddess visits, they said the Goddess is very beautiful but very unforgiving. I heard that she got angry at the last King for bounding the dragon. So people think that the dragon is her pet. The Goddess cursed the land because of that king. And from then on, the fertile grounds became barren and lifeless.

They said in the prophecy that a King will arrive and he will be able to tame the dragon in the proper way but we don’t know how that man will tame her for she cannot be tamed.

The old man looked at the mountain again, he then remembered what his grand father told him and spoke to Eric, “The Men who were unsuccessful in taming or defeating the dragon went back home to their families and everyday they would sit in front of their homes or windows looking at the top of the mountain, staring at it quietly and unperturbed.”

“I wonder what happened up there,” Eric said.

“The men were scrutinized from head to toe but they have no bruises or wounds, but they went home with their swords, arrows, spears, shields and armors pierced and destroyed.”

Captain Eric was suddenly deep in thought.

“Drop the sails my men, I will have an appointment with the Dragon!” he shouted. His men were fearful but followed him. Ishtar only smiled.

The ship arrived at the makeshift Port of Salima, the land where the dragon lives. The feel of the land is quite ominous. The ground is covered in mud and dead leaves and dried grasses. The air is thick and heavy, the skies covered with dark clouds as if it’ll rain.

The sailors got off the ship and few expressionless people looked at them. Some of them especially the kids were so malnourished while some women approached them, hoping to sell their bodies in exchange for food.

“40 years ago, this land is a bit struggling….but now, it is worse.” Ishtar sadly said.

Captain Eric felt pity for the people, he then ordered his trusted sloop men to contact the other ships for trade. He told his fastest ships to organize for open trade, medical and food support for this land.

An old woman approached them, and around her, other people gathered.

The old woman stopped on her tracks and tears began to fall from her eyes, “Is that you, Ishtar?” her voice croaked.


“Alcyone.” Ishtar replied.

The old woman ran towards Ishtar and she sobbed. “I thought I would never see you again my dear brother, we are the only ones alive in our family.”

Alcyone told Ishtar, Captain Eric and his crew about the fate of the land during her brother’s absence. Some of the villagers left while the others stayed in hopes that the Goddess will forgive their ancestors for hurting her Dragon. They were also waiting for the New King to arrive.

“My men and I will try our luck in the Dragon’s lair. I am interested to see this creature that the legends speak of.” Captain Eric said.

“but…but Cap’n haven’t you heard about what happened to the others who dared and failed.” one of his crew said.

Eric smiled and placed a hand on his crew’s shoulder, “It’ll be alright, you men wouldn’t be with me if you are not one of the best.”Some of the crew nodded while some tried to smile even if the are fearful.

“Few of you will stay in the ship with Ishtar, some of you will go with me up until the entrance of the Castle. I will be the one to enter, should anything happen to me, Ishtar will be the one to lead you all.”

Eric approached Ishtar, “I am entrusting my crew to you, my dear friend. If I die in this journey, lead them back home.”

The old man nodded, “You will not fail my dear boy, I trained you to fight when you were still a child.”

A woman was seen looking at the newcomers from afar, she eyed the tall captain then at the old man. Ishtar seemed to have felt her presence, when he looked at the direction of the presence, he saw a blur of fast wind passed by and after a minute, a menacing shrill was heard by everyone.


That night, Eric went back to his ship and into the captain’s quarter.
He went to his safe and pulled out his weapons – A spear, his Long bow and his trusted cutlass.

He then held a meetings with his men and discuss on the coordinates they will use to get to the Dragon’s castle. Ishtar drew a map for Eric based on his memory of the land, Since the land is barren and even the horses are malnourished, Eric decided that they will all go on foot to get there.

They grabbed their supplies, food, weapon and wines for the journey. The villagers told them that in the legend, the knights took 4 days to get to the entrance, they will see a cave filled with crystals on the steepest cliff side of the mountain and behind that cave is another archway entrance leading to the castle.

Eric shook his head and realized that this journey would really test the bravest and smartest worthy to be a King. He is not going there to be a King but being a Pirate and talks of Gold hoards and gems will be somewhat convincing enough for him to embark on this journey. He also lives in the era of scientific discovery so if he does meet the creature, it will be a great discovery for humanity.


Meanwhile, A woman woke up from her slumber, her long black hair swaying between her steps and her hips moved seductively as she climbed the long white stairs. It was a lovely contrast. Everything around her is white and her naked body and her tied hair giving the contrast of warmth from the cold temple.

The statues around her moved and they scurried to their feet as the Goddess is finally home. Some of the male statues lit beacons while the female statues prepared her meal and warm lavender bath.

She sat on her throne waiting and deep in thought when another male statue approached her and she turned its head like a human. It knelt in front of her and it started kissing, lapping and licking her divine vagina.

She moaned with delight as the head continues licking her for almost thirty minutes and when her mind thought of a certain Sailor, the head of the statue changed into Captain Eric’s face. When the head looked up at her, she orgasm. After she orgasmed, the other statues approached her throne to lick on her cum from the throne, that was their meal and reward. The Goddess then move towards her bath.


Captain Eric and his men started their journey to climb the Dragon Mountain. To say that he is worried is an understatement, the truth is he is very much excited to see the creature and the vast treasures that the townspeople had told them.  He took 10 men with him among his 150 crew. The rest of his crew are left with Ishtar to tend to the hungry, wounded and dying. He made sure that each men knew what they have to do.

Ishtar was looking at the figure of the captain and his men slowly disappearing on the horizon. A loud shrill permeated in the air and after a gust of wind, he saw a dazzling figure of a very beautiful woman. He then curtsied and the woman flew up lightning fast towards the mountain top.

The mountain was tough and very steep. It was too scary but Eric and his crew felt exhilarated for the adventure. The mist around them grew heavy and the path ahead becomes blurry. Different shrill and growls could be heard and it gets darker every step.

Eric tested the air, it is damp and winds are catching up. It will rain. He and his men hurried to a higher ground and when they found one, it has a cave.

They went in the cave, they set up fire and camp and everyone went still. Silence then the wind howled like a berserk creature on the entrance of the cave, then heavy rain followed.

As the men slept, a heavy mist encircled the cave, the mist turned into several women and they were invading the men’s dreams, all of them giving pleasure to Captain Eric’s crew. Eric lay awake and saw that some of his men are groaning, moaning and their pants evident with a hard on. Inside the men’s dreams, the visions were so vivid that they thought the dream were real and they were enjoying it. That was until  cold splashes of water went in to their nostrils one by one making them cough and wake up.


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