On Passing the Board Exam for Professional Teachers

I owe this success first of all to my university, my professors, my managers in EMERSON NETWORK POWER and my family. When I was a child, I never dreamed of becoming a teacher. I am selfish, materialistic and don’t care at all about my country and the world. I am now a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, all the trials, success and failures in our everyday lives have a role to play in slowly piecing together a great destiny that will unfold in our lives.

December 2003, my mother and I went up the mountains of MT. KANAUAN in Bataan, Philippines. My team worked on a documentary about the lives of the Aetas (an ethnic group in my country) while my mother, who enjoyed nature and teaching, didn’t have any second thoughts in joining our team up in the mountains. My mother is a frustrated teacher. Born into a poor family, she didn’t finish college because she had to work and help her family survive.

Up in Mt Kanauan, we immersed ourselves with the Ethnic group. My life made a 360-degree change. I started appreciating the full moon and star filled night sky (up in the mountains, the moon and stars looked bigger and nearer). I started appreciating the lush green of the forest and being face to face with forest animals, noisy crickets on peaceful nights and the hot sun illuminating the clear waterfalls on the mountain. Lastly, I appreciated life and the power of Education. It all started when I saw my mom teaching the Aeta children, they are poor in material things and money but they are very rich in knowledge and life skills. To be honest, I saw my mom that time shining with light as the children sat around, listening to her while she taught them Science, Math, English and Filipino. My life changed in that very moment, my view about the world widened and my view about teachers changed. I want to be like my mom, glowing with light, beautiful and filled with life. I want to be a teacher.

2004, almost every other night, I have dreams of a man in white telling me, “he will support you”, “he wants you to do it”, follow him, “Be a teacher”. Few years more, I ignored the dreams. I was sucked into stress, busy city life and unhappiness of being a burnt out office worker. The dreams never stopped. I endured all of it, Saving a lot of my money because that time I have plans on having month long vacations in other countries.

2006 January, because of the stress of my work, I was in and out of the hospital. Slowly as if by chance I kept on receiving online tests from my friends that all lead to one thing – personality of a teacher. I ignored all of the signs again until February, I decided to take a leave from work and started planning about my dream vacation. The vacation didn’t happen because I was hospitalized again, theb by the last week of February the same year, I had another vivid dream of the same man in white, this time he was very mad, he said, “You are so stubborn, he wants you to become a teacher.” He touched my arm after saying those words sending an electric shock that woke me up. That morning after the dream, I called the University (St Paul University Quezon City), luckily they are offering the Teacher Certificate Program, using the saved money for my supposed to be “vacation”, I enrolled June 2006, and then the dream stopped. I graduated Sept 2008 and took the Board Exam April 2009.

During the duration of my studies to become a teacher, I was faced with tough challenges, pains and trials, but that time I felt like someone was always watching and supporting me.

January 2009, I processed my papers for the requirements of the board exam. February 2009, I had a very vivid dream that I received a text from my teacher Dr. Fely Moreno Informing me that I passed the exam. April 2009, all eyes were on me because I was the only one in St. Paul University Quezon City who took the test at that time (because they all took it September 2008). The reason why I delayed taking the board exam was my learning curve. Some people learn fast by reading but in my case, for me to understand something, I have to really immerse myself for hands-on learning or else I will never remember it. After the test, I flew to Thailand to rest and relax. Upon returning to the Philippines, the deja vu really happened on the afternoon of May 2, 2009. Dr. Moreno did not text me, my classmate Juvy Redd did during their class under Dr. Moreno. (I have a history of having vivid dreams that 90% of the time came true.)

Again, I would like to thank all my friends, teachers, parents and everyone who touched my life in good or bad ways. I owe my growth in life to them. But most of all, I owe it to the divine for showing me, even if I was stubborn, my real path. The path that finally gave me peace and happiness – Teaching. I am happy working in a company at the moment, investing and assisting people and at the same time, I am also teaching part time in a prestigious International College. I am grateful.


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