Pregnancy Dream (May 7, 2018)

Being married and having fertility issues is really devastating especially when I always wanted to have children.

Infertility runs in my family (father side) where even my aunts, female cousins suffer from it, some have babies late 40s, some had miscarriages while most are childless. In my case, I used to have polycystic ovary (now cured), adenomyoma and endometrial polyps. I’ve had my Hysteroscopy year 2017 because of heavy bleeding that ran for 1 month. After the operation, my period has always been normal and 28 days cycle each month. However, i took another transvaginal ultrasound that showed I had another polyps in my endometrium and some adenomyoma.

I had a vivid dream just before I woke up. I peed on a pregnancy test stick while I was on the toilet. (Right now I am 49 days delayed and in between, I encountered spotting.) The test slowly came up and it showed me 2 pink lines. In my dream I was so happy that I shouted at my husband calling him real loud for him to come to the toilet to show him the result but on this part I suddenly jolted awake.

I try not to hope because I have been disappointed for years but I will take a pregnancy test on Friday just to check. (Doctor’s order). Hoping for the best!

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A woman who values life in a higher divine level than the materialistic level of life.

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