Finding the positive in disappointment (January 25, 2019)

We all experience setbacks and today was one of them, while some tends to stay grumpy, I searched for the positive. Good things I have seen today despite of not being able to see my new doctor because the schedules are not updated online.

Gloomy sky in Makati Avenue

1. Two children waiting for their turn outside their pedia doctor’s clinic. They heard a kid playing at the end of the hallway so they stood up and peeked as to why the other child was laughing. As they observed the kid, I observed the two and everytime the kid at the other end of hallway run around giggling, both children started smiling and laughing too. That is the value of sharing happiness and laughter in its purest form. I couldn’t help but smile too.

2. Watching a group of adults laughing and eating inside Coffee bean and Tea leaf. I can’t help but eavesdrop in their conversation. One of the ladies in the group were talking about an upcoming trip with her husband and daughter to HongKong and they will also visit Disneyland. Seeing her enthusiam and the support of her friends, I dream that I can go out of the country with my parents, Karlo, Mik, Nikki, Tin, my husband, in-laws and friends. I want to travel with all of them to a new city or country and enjoy the view as long as I can still do it and if my body will permit it.

Greenbelt Park in Ayala center, Makati City

3. As I walked on my way to Pag-IBIG Gil Puyat office to get my Pag-Ibig ID Loyalty card, I saw few construction workers resting outside the building they are constructing, all of them on their cellphones with screen in landscape mode on their hands, they were all serious until they started cheering. I walked past them and took a peek at the cellphone of the men nearest to me and saw them playing a game called Mobile Legends that even my colleagues at work plays on a daily basis.

4. At the Dela Rosa Elevated walkway, a group of foreign businessmen walking in front of me and talking about a new project that needs a lot of people to hire. This is great news for my fellow Filipinos. It’s a good thing that they are doing. Their business in my country, utilizing the developing infrastructure, technology and believing in the skills and talents that my fellow country men can offer.

Dela Rosa Walkway

4. Another good news I got from my awesome and weird like me (in a good way) friend at work, the adorable Mishy, is that they’ve released the new schedule for the 1st Quarter of 2019. I was able to retain the same work sched I had which is 5 AM to 2 PM but my rest days changed from Thursday/Fridays to Wednesday/Thursdays. The new schedule will be conducive for my medical needs and treatments needed for my lupus as my doctors are usually available on those days. To that I am grateful for my always supportive Lead Sam.

Ayala Pateros Jeepney Terminal located in The Landmark

5. Even if the weather is gloomy and it’s about to rain, instead of being grumpy about getting wet and traffic, I am happy that the plants and trees (especially the neglected ones) will finally have a drink. Trees and plants share the same in our life. We plant the roots of our being in life with our family, friends, school or work. The ground on which we are planted is humbled as we nourish ourselves from the soil we call our talents, lessons we’ve learned from school and trainings at work. The bugs are the people and situation around us, some are helpful and some are pests, it is up to if we will allow the bugs to destroy the our leaves, flowers and fruits or we will only allow the bugs that helps pollinate our mind, body and soul so that each of us will flourish, grow mighty and bear the sweetest fruits and rewards in life that we will give and bless to others.

Writing this literally made me forget the disappointment I felt when the doctors that I was searching for didn’t have their clinics today (Out of the country/New time) but still, I am grateful for today’s adventure.

UNEDITED (Please pardon the grammatical errors, feel free to correct me and my jumbled thoughts as I typed this in a hurry while walking.)

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