Weird dreams about my children.

I was in my 20’s when I started having weird dreams about my so called children. I never have children. I did became pregnant twice and lost both babies due to Lupus and APAS (It’s where your body creates antibodies to kill your babies since I have an RH Negative blood). I had a lot of weird dreams that I will be publishing in my blog, some are dreams that happened, some were dreams related to someone who is about to die or someone who died.

Even when I was still a small child, I usually have premonition and vivid dreams about things that will happen, contacts to dead people and even people or beings that we don’t usually see when we are awake.

The very first dream happened when I was 23. I saw a really bright light taking me from my room and up to another place. In that place I was embraced physically, spiritually and emotionally by a masculine force of light (I can still vividly remember the face of that being from my dream). From then on, the dream became a recurring one where I went through the pregnancy cycle. I experienced a growing belly, underwent labor and experienced an actual birthing process in my dream where I woke up with a terrible navel pain, bloody panties and bed. That dream was so vivid, it felt so real like I was in a hospital but instead of busy streets and scenery could be see outside the window, it was stars and the moon and earth on the background. People were around me, they look like people but they weren’t.

In my next dream after giving birth to a baby boy, I was breastfeeding my child on a comfortable white fur laid in a vast garden of flowers when the man/being who took me arrived, his mouth was not moving but he was communicating with me through mind and he gestured that he is grateful for our son. He took my son, kissed my forehead and he smiled as he gently pushed me down the fur and the next thing I knew is that I was in my bed and woke up a minute before my alarm could go off.

As months and years pass by, whenever I get sick or hospitalized, I can see a (from small little boy, to recently a 12 year old beautiful boy) child visiting me in my dreams, that same boy also grew bigger and taller in my succeeding dreams. He would only visit when I am sick, telling me about his journey with his father up in the skies. He also mentioned that his father is also constantly watching over me but is keeping his distance because I belong to someone in Earth now but his father’s protection is also extended to the one who is currently beside me in this lifetime. My son also mentioned of his younger brother and sister that I lost recently but he assured me that the two will be coming back because they wanted to be “reborn” so I have to strive to make my body healthier and healed.

Let me remind everyone reading my blog now, that these are only dreams. I am an atheist but I do encounter vivid dreams where 90% of those happen. If only I know how to draw faces, I can literally draw the face of my son and his father.

In quiet, relaxing, clear nights, I would just sit down with my cats at the roof deck of our house. I cannot help but look up at the stars in the sky and wonder what new adventures will my son tell me the next time he visits me.

Just thinking about it brings me calm and peace knowing that I may not physically have my child but spiritually and quantumly speaking, he is existing somewhere beyond what my 5 senses can feel.

For that, I am grateful.

(Ps, this is unedited and not proofread, if you have suggestions and corrections, feel free to send me a private message so that I can edit the post. Thank you for your time.)

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