Relationship & Marriage: Don’t be with or marry someone who makes your heart giddy.

Hold up Ladies and gentlemen. Before we react to the title, let’s discuss why you should never ever marry or be with someone who makes your heart giddy.

Love is a fleeting emotion, it’s a euphoric feeling, one of the best and gives you a boost of liveliness and energy. When we are inspired and in love, we give out our best, we dress up, move with zest and glow with inspiration in everything we do. However, once we attract the person we like, the question now is what happens when the giddy, euphoric feeling is gone? Unfortunately, most of the built up facade falls off, to some, instantly because the hunting and conquering season is over.

I remembered what my grandmother, bless her soul, told me when I was young, she said that if anyone makes your heart beat faster, excited, aroused or giddy all the time, you MUST definitely avoid this person. Being in love is lovely, positive and overwhelming. In Marriage, marry someone whom you respect and someone who can accept not just the beautiful side but also the not so good about you side. Why? Because if you will only rely on the giddy feelings and how good a person looks beside you, it’s too shallow and superficial, the relationship or marriage won’t hold up.

Don’t marry a person….For more, follow this link.

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