Why is Death depicted as ugly?

I was browsing through the internet about life and death looking for a proper picture for one of my categories on this blog. I kept scrolling down the image views and there are common denominators. Most of the time, death is depicted either like a monster, a spider’s web, a skeleton, an old man with a scythe. It was also depicted like a barren tree, winter or black dark thing. Why is that? Is death that scary that everything that is dark seems to be related to it. Maybe the darkness it represents is just a connotation about something that some of us cannot understand that’s why it is depicted that way

The moment we are born, we are already stepping on the movement and order of things, Birth to living to dying and death. For me, death is like an old friend who is constantly with you or a twin who is ready to embrace us once life cease. We should not be afraid of it. Death is scary, yes but we should not look at it in a negative way. The reason most of us are scared of it is our worldly attachment, because no one knows what’s it like after the flesh has rotten.

Some people believe that there is life after death, be it in Catholicism, Hinduism, karma and reincarnation in Buddhism and other principles believe in the existence of heaven, hell and rebirth. In Science, some believed that there is none but others do believe in possibility that we are energies transferring to vessels called physical bodies. The total amount of energy and matter in the Universe remains constant, merely changing from one form to another.

The first law of thermodynamics, also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. … In other words, energy cannot be created or destroyed.

One thing that I am certain, Death is beautiful. I experienced vivid dreams about the thing that we fear the most. In those dreams, I saw the face of death and I saw the place where those who have died, regardless of religion, kingdom, phylum or division, class, order, family, genus, species one belongs to. The place is suspended, no time, no space. Everyone looks young and energetic, everyone is glowing and peaceful. it’s indescribable. It may be a vivid dream but it gave me peace knowing that my relatives, friends and pets who passed away are all in one peaceful, vast and very light place. There was a point that I wanted to follow them but they my dead relatives shouted that it’s not yet my time so I have to go back and some of my dead pets bit me in that dream for me to wake up in real life.

I’ve talked with some of my friends and colleagues about the topic and some of them brought up about religion, some were evasive and didn’t want to discuss the topic as they said that it scared them while the others dismiss it in a way that they think they will live forever.

What do you think about Death? Is Death ugly or beautiful? Are you scared of it or not? Well for me, death makes me look forward to life, to make the most of everything and to make meaningful connections with other people and animals. Death brings forth hope to all mankind when we survive life’s trials but it’s also something that lurks beside each and everyone of us. treat it as one of your friends, it can be good or bad depending on how you make it to be.

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