Meet my little girl, Ling.

I love dolls ever since I was a little girl. When I was 2 years old, my mother bought me a barbie doll set (the doll is still alive to this day and well restored) , my aunts and god parents gave me dolls as gifts, unfortunately, the doll house, miniature furniture and the dolls were destroyed, thrown away because I was too young to really appreciate the value of the toys I used to have when I was a child. The dolls were forgotten for few years until I went to college.

When I was in my college days, my then boyfriend who is now my husband would either watch movies or window shop in toy stores. Since I was a student back then, he helped me kick start my collection again by purchasing Gold, Silver and Pink Collector Edition Barbie Dolls for me as he is 6 years older than me and working. We would always talk about and make floor plans of our “future house” with all the possible location on where we will place the toys we wanted to collect. It was a fun idea back then which then later ended up becoming true. By the time I graduated and landed my very first job, the first thing I bought with my money was a Gold Collector Edition Barbie doll. As the years went by, I stopped collecting Barbie dolls and started collecting anime figures, Gundam robots, Obitsu ball jointed dolls/Dollfies and Reborn baby dolls. The collecting…rather….obsession never stopped.

Information about Zhao Ling Er Nendoroid

Time to make her alive

I got her from while the Obitsu Body is from I may be old but I am quite a fan of small dolls and cute stuff. I don’t have children so Ling is slowly becoming one, I am well aware that she’s an inanimate object but I feel quite relaxed when I look at her and see her (Much like how few of my friends who have babies and small kids feel when they carry their babies/kids after a stressful day at work.) I dress her up, take her anywhere I go. Take pictures of her and she’s even enjoyed by my family and friends. Through her I met a lot of people who are also into the hobby and my network is growing.

My mom enjoyed her when I brought Ling with me when I visited for the New Year, she played with Ling and took pictures of her beside her pet fighting fish.

Ling and my Mom’s fish pet (A Pink Beta fish)
Hi Pinkyboy

I am waiting for her future Partner’s arrival. Her partner will be Ozamu Dazai (anime character from Bungo Stray Dogs and not the real human in Japanese History.)

Happy New Year 2020!
New year’s gift from Mommy Dana

This post is unedited, apologies for the grammar lapses. You may email me at for corrections/suggestions.

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