I can’t sleep – February 21, 2020

I can’t sleep. It’s tough.

Last week, I was one of the chosen few to start a new division in the company I work for.

Prior to that I was on the day shift. I’ve always been on the day shift because of my Lupus and heart problem. I was advised not go on graveyard shift but unfortunately, I was assigned by the Operations Manager to that new division based on last year’s performance, skills, attendance and personality. We are a total of 7 people in the team under 1 lead.

We had our training in the past 3 days. The training time was 11 in the morning till 8 in the evening. The learning experience is really great and my new colleagues are cool and fun to be with.

I prepared my bedroom to cater to my sleeping needs, I have my black out curtains, air conditioning unit, a very relaxing bed and lots of pillows and 2 fleece blankets that felt really good to the skin.

I still couldn’t sleep. I’ve been awake since 3 AM and it’s now 5:30 PM. My new schedule starts 9 PM and all I can say to myself is – “Good luck, Dana.”

To battle this, I created a new plan. I ordered Melatonin and Caffeine supplements from Puritans Pride. Hopefully, I’ll get them before next week. I also realized that I shouldn’t be taking multivitamins in the morning if I have to sleep as it’ll make me take frequent trips in the toilet to pee the excess vitamins and minerals.

So staring next week, I have to eat my “reversed dinner” once I get home, wait an hour or two to start taking melatonin in the mornings to sleep. Once I wake up, I have to take the time release caffeine supplement, eat my “reversed breakfast” then take my multivitamins and go to work.

I still can’t sleep so I’ll just grin and bear my sleepy head and foggy thoughts tonight at work and try to sleep once I get home tomorrow.

Share your thoughts, especially those who work in the evenings, any advice for me please. Thanks in advance! Huge hugs to all!

Sleepyhead GIF from Tenor

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    • I totally agree with you on that, Monch. However. At the moment, I am still studying (and have less than 2 years till I am done with it – related to entrepreneurship and IT) and have my treatments so I cannot leave yet. Although, I have sidelines to earn, I have to persevere to get to where I really wanted once I finished my university. So for now, I really have to push my limits and still do what I can to lessen my job’s impact on my health.

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