Adventures for Rei

So today, I have been looking at the flickr of Rei Woodland, my character that I use for pictorials and story telling in the virtual world Secondlife.

This is during Rei and Cortes’s trip to Virtual Japan

She has her Partner named Cortes who is her bestfriend, SL family and Virtual Partner rolled in one (He is my family friend in real life)

She and Cortes always go on adventures, exploring different sims (regions created by people globally depending on the extent of their imagination and what they wanted to achieve, that most cannot, in the real world)

When Cortes and I were stressed out from work, we would go to a gaming sim where you can play arcade.

Most people who play second life are builders, scripters and creators who wanted to safely realize their fantasies using the virtual platform. Some are older people, some are disabled, while some practice their fantasies (character profiles, sexual fantasies…yes you can explore BDSM, Bestiality, Gorean roleplays and even cuckolding safely inworld (the virtual platform) that one cannot explore in real life. In Secondlife, the disabled can walk, fly, talk and have the career and job they wanted and get paid for it. You meet people from other countries and they become your life long real life friends and some like in my case ended up becoming my soul family members.

What I do in Secondlife is a mixed variety of experiences. I used my avatar to give into my medieval and magic fantasies – I am a Dragon Rogue in Avilion. A Desert Centaur and Earth Druid in Greenhaven and Greater Alliance Roleplay regions, Mermaid and Navy in Antiquity and Pirates Destiny, A Gorean Freewoman Physician in SL Gor, I was a Drow healer in Steelwood when it was still open.

Exploring sims

I used to own a full sim that became a member of the Greater Alliance roleplay (it has hundreds of sims connected to each other for serious Roleplay that follows Dungeons and Dragons gameplay) but it didn’t last for 2 years because full sims are very expensive and uses real life $$$ and my country’s currency is not that big unlike USD, CA$, €, £ and other first world currencies.

For now I enjoy spending time with Cortes, we explore a lot, do pictorials and interact with people from different roleplay backgrounds. It’s really fun most especially during this pandemic.

This post is unedited.

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Multi-conscious, Sensual, Intuitive and a follower of Goddess Inanna

A woman who values life in a higher divine level than the materialistic level of life.

Loves volunteer works for Non-Government organizations that supports life, animals, nature and spiritual growth.

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  1. SL sounds really fun and creative. I was surprised to see your mention of cuckolding. That is a favorite fantasy of mine and I think it is sexy that you have awareness of it.


    • Hi Michael, yes I am very much aware if the different kinks and fantasies people might have. I came to know about cuckolding through a former Secondlife partner, in real life, that ex-partner works as a senior pastor in a well known church in the US.

      Psychologically speaking, I was amazed because in real life, he is this very high and authoritative public figure but in Secondlife, he turns into a Submissive man under my hands. We tried exploring cuckolding twice in Secondlife but being a submissive, myself, I didn’t really enjoy it. On the sexual aspects through Virtual worlds, it tired me out to act as someone who isn’t me to the core plus the idea of a stranger touching my avatar (my avatar carries my real life essence even in the virtual world). It is very hard for me to be sensual with someone on a roleplay (I am a demiromantic, demisexual and sapiosexual) I never had any bond with. Most of those who became my virtual companions have been my friends for years already and our friendships are already established in real life too before I became virtually with them. In terms of partnerships too, I am very submissive and greedy. My Secondlife partner Cortes is a very authoritative and dominant man and like me, he is very greedy and possessive and doesn’t like sharing.

      Maybe you can also try Secondlife, it’s virtually a mirror of real life, except we can all fly there are become magical beings.


      • I never received this reply but have had problems with one of my gravatars. I’m using this one for comments now. Thank you for the thoughtful reply. I enjoy cuckolding but not as a submissive man. I prefer to be more dominant and her experience with another man is more about my lover’s pleasure and her sexual liberation. I do feel like SL is right up my alley. One day, I hope. 😊

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