Max Kleen 2 in 1 Concentrated Liquid Detergent (Product Review)

Splash Corporation and Home Tester Club PH has sent me this product few days ago to test and review. And since I am very excited to try it out and give my honest opinion, here it goes.

In today’s product review, we have Splash Corporation’s Max Kleen Antibacterial concentrated Liquid Detergent which is also a 2-in-1 Detergent and Softener Formula.

Now the next step is to check the contents and the scent. The liquid from both products are pinkish and purplish transparent in color. As for the scent, I prefer the Sunshine Flower more than the Magical Perfume.

Sunshine Flower has this powdery, clean linen scent while the Magical Perfume has musk and fruity scent. You have to try both to find which one you’d prefer more but both has an amazing scent consistency that lasts for days even if the clothes are dry. You can also rub your clothes to activate the scent again. My brother Karlo even commented that the area where I hung the clothes smells really good.

It’s 5 out of 5 stars for me because of the following reasons.

1. Cost effective – you don’t have to purchase additional fabric conditioner because it’s already 2-in-1 plus the fact that it also has Antibacterial property/99.9% germ killing power fits well with my needs to make sure that my family and I have extra protection from germs.

2. 2-in-1 Detergent and fabric conditioner/softener formula keeps my clothes soft, fresh smelling and easy to fold.

3. Value for money – 600 grams pack costs 100 Philippine pesos while the 2.4 KG pack costs 395 Philippine pesos on Splash Corporation’s Lazada Flagship store.

4. I know that this product is for laundry only but since I got obsessed with their Sunshine Flower scent, I also used it to clean and mop my floor and walls and voila!….clean and fresh smelling home too.

One downside I saw on the product, I hope that the tip part is resealable. However, based on the design, I can assume that the 600 gram pack is not really stand alone and is a refill for the 2.4 kg Jar/bottle.

All-in-all I am very satisfied with the product and if asked if I will purchase – Definitely buying it!

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