Amanda’s Memorial and Funeral in Secondlife

As promised from the previous post, this is the Memorial part with the pictures from the funeral.

[14:36] pz7 Engineer entered chat range (6.51 m).
[14:36] Kazuka (talluhlah.mills) entered chat range (4.17 m).
[14:36] randy Thor entered chat range (5.04 m).
[14:36] Rockin’ (scurvy.ragu) entered chat range (11.38 m).
[14:36] Otho Compton entered chat range (14.78 m).
[14:36] Persepone Voss entered chat range (11.05 m).
[14:36] Jacon Cortes de Bexar (jacon.cortes) entered chat range (14.14 m).
[14:36] Miccie Inkpen entered chat range (7.00 m).
[14:36] Dogma Trevellion entered chat range (9.87 m).
[14:36] Jennifer Law (jenniferlawr) entered chat range (4.52 m).
[14:36] Xi Larnia entered chat range (5.14 m).
[14:36] Cara Cali (caracali.nova) entered chat range (4.52 m).
[14:36] Contessa Wizardly entered chat range (6.43 m).
[14:36] Pamus Bing entered chat range (10.32 m).
[14:36] Johndoe Magnifico entered chat range (11.06 m).
[14:36] CHANEL Yiyuan (chanel.corbeau) entered chat range (10.07 m).
[14:36] TCS Admin (tradeandcombat) entered the region.
[14:36] Calla Iris Waydelich (callidus.waydelich) entered chat range (4.63 m).
[14:36] Trinity Claymore entered chat range (9.87 m).
[14:36] Kat (kat.compton) entered chat range (14.19 m).
[14:36] Okwa (okwaho.euler) entered chat range (9.46 m).
[14:36] John Wilmot III (raysbc) entered chat range (8.97 m).
[14:36] Helena Wells (pwrofwhy) entered chat range (11.40 m).
[14:36] Sandrine Dallin-Vanbeeck (sandrine.vanbeeck) entered chat range (10.05 m).
[14:36] Phantom Yiyuan (loverboy.yiyuan) entered chat range (9.19 m).
[14:36] kimmy Jigsaw entered chat range (9.49 m).
[14:36] Helena Wells (pwrofwhy): SHOUT
[14:37] Cortes (mental.cortes) entered chat range (2.70 m).

[14:37] Sandrine Dallin-Vanbeeck (sandrine.vanbeeck) shouts: In the night to the 23th of May, I lost my beloved wife, my partner in crime, my soulmate, my rock in the unsteady breaking of waves … the light of my nights, the hope of my days. For almost 14 1/2 years, we were a unit. I miss every single second of this time … with no exception. This is way more you can say about another human, than usual and describes the relation in a perfect way. The night before 2 days, I got the certainty, the dull feeling became brutal reality. Now there is nothing left but a dark, cold, deep and empty hole in my soul. No words can ever express my grief! The cruel fate just blew out my life light. I hope she´ll find peace … wherever she is now. Life is energy and energy can never be lost. It will always be transformed. Maybe her energy will transformed to something she love. I hope so much. San….

[14:41] Calla Iris Waydelich (callidus.waydelich): T_T

[14:44] randy Thor shouts: I would like to speak a moment please

[14:44] randy Thor shouts: most of you know me, you may have felt the sting of our cannons. It was my distinct privilege to be the gunner with amanda, we were the mightiest team to sail.

[14:46] Calla Iris Waydelich (callidus.waydelich): Hear hear!

[14:46] randy Thor shouts: it has always been my privilege to sail with the lot of you here and please know how much we enjoyed engaging in battles here with all of you who sailed.

[14:46] Persepone Voss: Deadly duo without doubt

[14:47] Kazuka (talluhlah.mills) shouts: Indeed

[14:47] randy Thor shouts: i know this means an incredible amount to me and i hope for all of you here today. thank you for coming and being here today in her honor! i will miss her forever

[14:48] Calla Iris Waydelich (callidus.waydelich) takes her seat and defers to Trinity.

[14:50] Trinity Claymore shouts: Amanda was one of my best friends. She and I spent many days together talking for hours, I was even honored to join her in some battles as a gunner. I could listen to her talk with such passion about the navy and pirate life while she worked on her ships, she even introduce me to Jo who also became another very special person in my life. Though today, I am filled with sadness as my friend is gone. I loved her dearly. I thank you for being a community that brought her joy

[14:54] Chappel Amplifyer shouts: thank you, would anyone else like to say anything?

[14:54] Calla Iris Waydelich (callidus.waydelich): Yes, please.
[14:54] Xi Larnia: I would, you first calla

[14:55] Chappel Amplifyer shouts: ok..:)

[14:55] Calla Iris Waydelich (callidus.waydelich) nods. Truly Amanda was a force of nature. On the high seas, she was relentless. She fought hard, she fought with honor, showing all of us respect both as friends and as opponents. She was not afraid of leaving her comfort zone, to stand up for those weaker, and call out wrongs when she saw them, regardless of their allegiances. Off the battlefield…she was tender, she was earnest. She didn’t just make friends, she cultivated us. She was always so respectful toward my wife and my daughters, my officers, crew, and friends. When the towers and markets of my homeland crumbled in spectacular disaster, she encouraged me to be brave and committed as I was tasked to raise it back from the ashes, and came back time and again for our many festive events, taking time to know all of us, and us her. She did not turn away when I chose to transition in both Second Life and First Life, instead staying beside me and walking with me as I took those first vulnerable, painful steps towards my authentic, happier self. That means a lot to me. I am so pained that after at least a decade knowing each other, we must part ways now in this journey called life, and my heart goes out to Sandrine, and Amanda’s family, by blood and by oath. I want to believe that we will see each other again. Thank you for everything, Admiral. And godspeed. We all love you and we always will. Thank you.

[14:58] Sandrine Dallin-Vanbeeck (sandrine.vanbeeck) shouts: cries

[15:00] Persepone Voss: totally

[15:00] Chappel Amplifyer shouts: thank you Jennifer

[15:00] Calla Iris Waydelich (callidus.waydelich): Hear hear.

[15:00] Chappel Amplifyer shouts: Xi

[15:00] Jennifer Law : Please, I would like to leave a few words for my dear Amanda.
Admiral Amanda received me with open arms with affection and kindness when I came to Antiquity. It has been almost three years that I have had the honor of living with Amanda.
 Despite my difficulty in learning the art of battle as I’m not native and I needed a translator almost always. She always guided me with patience that was peculiar to her when I made mistakes and praised myself the few times I got it right and I have enormous gratitude for her.
 Her passing was a shock to me and certainly everyone in the Antiquity and Pirates Destiny community.
 Rest in Peace Amanda and may God welcome you to her heavenly mansion.
Thank you so much!

[15:01] Kazuka (talluhlah.mills): hugs Jen

[15:01] Jennifer Law (jenniferlawr): Hugs Kaz!!

[15:02] Xi Larnia: It was over ten years ago that Amanda inducted me into both the Navy and into this world the high seas. In this time I watched as she made all of you feel special in one way or another. I knew her as my commander, my confidant, my co-conspirator in designing ships, and my most of all, as my friend. To judge by the conversations I have had with many of you these past few days, everyone has a story to tell of Amanda.
[15:03] Xi Larnia: While it matters not if you were friend or foe on the high seas, she was all friend when the battle had cleared of smoke

[15:03] Rockin’ (scurvy.ragu): I must go.. Rest in Peace Amanda

[15:04] Xi Larnia: She had a gentleness to her that made you feel like you were the centre of her world when you spoke, her attention never wavered from your conversation.
She was there in a way I wish all people could be.

[15:05] Trinity Claymore nods

[15:05] Xi Larnia: The Name Amanda means Huggable. I wish I could give her one right now.

[15:06] Calla Iris Waydelich (callidus.waydelich): So true.

[15:06] Sandrine Dallin-Vanbeeck (sandrine.vanbeeck) shouts: If anyone feels the need to write something about Amanda … feel free to do so here or here as well Feel free to spread this to the ones who haven´t heard of the drama, so far.

[15:08] Persepone Voss shouts: From my school of beliefs I’d just like to say…. May the very honourable and loveliest of beings Amanda Dallin-Vanbeeck Rise In Power , shining as she ascends as she did in life, missed by us all never to be forgotten Xx

[15:09] Jacon Cortes de Bexar (jacon.cortes): would anyone else like to say anything…..

[15:09] Chappel Amplifyer shouts: would anyone else like to say anything…..

[15:09] Rei Woodland (chubbywanderer): me

[15:09] Jacon Cortes de Bexar (jacon.cortes): go ahead

[15:09] Chappel Amplifyer shouts: go ahead

[15:09] Persepone Voss shouts: Lovely to hear all the tributes , I have to leave now , all take care Xx sorry to miss yours Rei x

[15:11] Rei Woodland (chubbywanderer) shouts: Saluts to her Admiral. Amanda is one of the people who reached out to me when I was lost. I used to be a pirate here and when my members disbanded, she saw me practicing my ship. I learned how to sail through Joawny, she taught me how to sail too and at the first meet, she offered me to join her in the Conti. Outside the battle we talk a lot about the things she enjoyed in sl and how I can do better in sailing, she’s like a big sister/mentor to me and she always look out for everyone. Sandrine, we talked about you before she passed, on how she’s very fortunate to meet you and have someone like you in this world. She opened up to me about you when I told her that I am marrying my bestfriend here and she has so much good things and thoughts about you, Trinity, Rain and Xi. How she’s fortunate that she has her family here. And to her, The Conti is her loved family too. I miss her so much, she even promised me she will be at out wedding next week and will not miss it. But she’s gone and I pinched myself thinking that what Pin said was not true but it is. May we all continue to sail for her. I love you Amanda and thank you for always watching out for me and Cortes and everyone you call family.

[15:17] Sandrine Dallin-Vanbeeck (sandrine.vanbeeck): cries

[15:17] Trinity Claymore: Thank you, Rei

[15:18] Cara Cali (caracali.nova): Amanda was a beacon and a light. She drew people in, and for me talking with her always made things clearer, adn brought out the best in me and the others around her.

[15:18] Cara Cali (caracali.nova): I can’t think of a higher testimonial.

[15:19] Cara Cali (caracali.nova): May her light continue to live in hearts.

[15:19] Jacon Cortes de Bexar (jacon.cortes): anyone else?

[15:19] Chappel Amplifyer shouts: anyone else?

[15:19] Jacon Cortes de Bexar (jacon.cortes): ok
[15:19] Chappel Amplifyer shouts: ok

[15:19] Jacon Cortes de Bexar (jacon.cortes): a quick word and we will head out to the grave site
[15:19] Chappel Amplifyer shouts: a quick word and we will head out to the grave site

[15:21] Jacon Cortes de Bexar (jacon.cortes): she was a true light indeed…the heartfelt words today are proof of that
[15:21] Chappel Amplifyer shouts: she was a true light indeed…the heartfelt words today are proof of that

[15:21] Jacon Cortes de Bexar (jacon.cortes): if everyone would follow me…outside
[15:21] Chappel Amplifyer shouts: if everyone would follow me…outside

[15:24] Jacon Cortes de Bexar (jacon.cortes): I chose this spot…as it was next to Admiral Jo

[15:25] Sandrine Dallin-Vanbeeck (sandrine.vanbeeck): she would love this…

[15:25] Trinity Claymore: yes, she would have

[15:25] Cara Cali (caracali.nova): They both would

[15:25] Jacon Cortes de Bexar (jacon.cortes): for as long as Antiquity… here…our memories will be here too

[15:25] Kat (kat.compton): nice, Jacon

[15:26] Calla Iris Waydelich (callidus.waydelich): Were are never truly gone, until the last who remembered us are gone, as well.
[15:26] Kazuka (talluhlah.mills): Her and Jo together again

[15:26] Calla Iris Waydelich (callidus.waydelich): We are*

[15:26] Trinity Claymore: cries, thank you so much for this

[15:28] randy Thor: yes Jacon thank you so much for all of this, it is so moving and memorable

[15:28] Jennifer Law (jenniferlawr): Thank you so much Jacon!
[15:28] Calla Iris Waydelich (callidus.waydelich): Eternal Father, strong to save, whose arm doth bind the restless wave…

[15:28] Jacon Cortes de Bexar (jacon.cortes): I am happy I could help

[15:28] Helena Wells (pwrofwhy): Yes glad she is next to J

[15:28] Calla Iris Waydelich (callidus.waydelich): Who bids the mighty ocean deep, its own appointed limits keep,

[15:28] Helena Wells (pwrofwhy): She would have loved that

[15:28] Pamus Bing: Amanda is etched upon all our memories, her spirit will still sail Antiquity waters

[15:29] Calla Iris Waydelich (callidus.waydelich): O, hear us when we cry to thee, for those in peril on the sea!

[15:29] Jacon Cortes de Bexar (jacon.cortes): I think the weekly Admiral Jo battle should be renamed……..the Admirals Battle… honor of them both

[15:30] Trinity Claymore: that would be such a honor

[15:30] Otho Compton: excellent idea

[15:31] Kazuka (talluhlah.mills): I can offer a song

[15:31] randy Thor: great idea!

[15:32] Calla Iris Waydelich (callidus.waydelich): ;_;

[15:32] Rei Woodland (chubbywanderer): Our apologies but I need to log for rl now and Cortes too

[15:32] Rei Woodland (chubbywanderer): Thank you for having us here and Blessed be to all

[15:32] Jacon Cortes de Bexar (jacon.cortes): thank you for coming

[15:32] Otho Compton: be well rei

I miss you Amanda

PS UNEDITED and all pictures taken by me Reclusesoul on Firestorm viewer for Secondlife.

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