When one of your Virtual family dies in Real life.

Amanda Dallin-Vanbreeck photo by Rei/Reclusesoul

I’ve lost a lot of virtual friends and family but one really made a mark in my life. That’s Amanda and I miss her so much.

It’s been two months since her death on and a part of me is deliberately trying not to join the battles as it makes me cry. But then I think with this, healing will start. I am sure Amanda wouldn’t be happy if I will let my grief get the better of me so David and I, and I know Jenn too, will start battling again starting this week in her honor.

Amanda in the Storm
Photo by Xi Larnia https://blackroseshipyard.weebly.com/

I am posting all the actual chats from the day her death was announced until her memorial. This is to remind me that despite her death, I will never forget how she made me feel loved, protected and like family despite the distance in real life. The one with the number only but no name after is my chat under Rei.

[17:16] Ƥἷᾗ Sтσямсяσωღ (nightwalker.stormcrow): A sad day indeed it is with much sorrow that I have to announce that Fleet Admiral Amanda Dallin died in her sleep over the weekend. It is believed she had a Heart Attack.

Thought and condolences to her friends and Family
May she forever live on in your hearts


[17:17] Spin Barbosa: Oh no!

[17:17] Gina (cindy1956): Omg Pin! Poor Amanda we had so much fun. I am so sad

[17:18] pocki (starr.jetaime): I will say prayers for her soul’s progress and for her family

[17:19] Calypso (twosockswolfdancer): Oh, that hurts, so sad.

[17:19] Gina (cindy1956): God please take her and give her the love and a place by his side as she so deserves from all her kindness

[17:19] Calypso (twosockswolfdancer): This sad day for all of us. I will light a candle for her.

[17:20] 清原桃子 KiyOhArA mOmOkO (katsumishimazaki): omg no! That’s terrible! My heart breaks for her family and friends and to you Pin. 😥 We’re here if you need anything. ♥

[17:20] Ƥἷᾗ Sтσямсяσωღ (nightwalker.stormcrow): thank you

[17:20] 清原桃子 KiyOhArA mOmOkO (katsumishimazaki): Such a shock.

[17:21] Ardal Rossini: Extremely sad , a fine human and great Admiral … May she Rise In Power x

[17:22] MercyWagner: As soon as I read the notice I started to cry. I’m so sad and shocked. She was amazing and so knowledgeable.

[17:23] Gina (cindy1956): She was the greatest ship Capt to sail the PD seas

[17:24] Calypso (twosockswolfdancer): I loved to play with her, always nice.

[17:24] Cara Cali (caracali.nova): One of the finest people on the grid.

[17:24] Calypso (twosockswolfdancer): I am so sad now.
Pocki and I lighted a candle for her.

[17:24] Ƥἷᾗ Sтσямсяσωღ (nightwalker.stormcrow): nods

[17:24] Calypso (twosockswolfdancer): At our temple.

[17:24] Cara Cali (caracali.nova): We will not see her likes again.

[17:25] Gina (cindy1956): And she didn’t mind putting her foot down when someone was wrong and I love her for that

[17:25] Cara Cali (caracali.nova): Yes Kind, fair and firm.

[17:25] Calypso (twosockswolfdancer): Thats allready the second friend her i have to say goodbye.

[17:25] Calypso (twosockswolfdancer): For a few weeks ago another nice lady gone.

[17:26] Gina (cindy1956): Fair winds and good battles Amanda for friends are with you all the way

[17:36] Kazuka (talluhlah.mills): Amanda was the most challenging battler I ever met, with great strategies and sailing skills. I wish I could have known here in RL.

[17:37] Jennifer Law (jenniferlawr): me too!

[17:37] Modeé (sletty): I think if we all met in RL there be a big barfight with non sailors hahahaha
17:37: I am so sure of it. I hope there will come a time we can all meet on a certain place and time in rl if possible, despite us all being in sl, the friendship for me is real.

[17:38] Kazuka (talluhlah.mills): /s ready

[17:39] Modeé (sletty): This might sound grim but in open grid I gave all my creations full perm to some people in case of 😦

[17:39] ohTracy: only thing real in sl is the emotions

17:39: aye! I am honored that there are few who became my soul family in real life.

[17:40] Joker (joker.terasaur): RIP Amanda

[17:41] 清原桃子 KiyOhArA mOmOkO (katsumishimazaki): I totally get it Modee. I gave Ms S and Gently and Kerri permission to edit my things for the very same reason.

[17:41] Kazuka (talluhlah.mills): Amanda would want this battle

[17:46] Calypso (twosockswolfdancer): Yes, we do the same in the tribe, our closes members have the rights on each others stuff

[17:48] Calypso (twosockswolfdancer): The more reason to be nice to each other. And more playful. Then no bad feelings, when its to late.

[17:50] JustReaper: I didn’t know Amanda well, but I am shocked and sad at the same time by the news. My condolences to her family and her friends. If you know someone enough in SL and like knowing that person in RL too.
[17:52] Calypso (twosockswolfdancer): SL is my virtual life, not a game, the feelings are the same as in RL.
But keeping in mind we all here for some company, having a good time and sometimes we be here to forget for a time the all day troubles.

[18:01] JustReaper: The enemies and the battles is just rp

[18:02] Calypso (twosockswolfdancer): Sure it is, and thats the way it should be.

[18:02] JustReaper: What we say OOC are the things that matter

[18:03] Calypso (twosockswolfdancer): that means think carefully what you say OOC too, a tong has no bone, and once spoken you cannot turn back

[18:04] JustReaper: And what you say OOC it’s true and not an act
[18:13] Calypso (twosockswolfdancer): I wish you all a good night rest, and may your days be blessed, all healthy up tomorrow. Huggs.

[18:13] 清原桃子 KiyOhArA mOmOkO (katsumishimazaki): Sweet dreams Calypso! xx ♥

[18:13] JustReaper: good night Calypso. Cya soon

[16:54] Jennifer Law (jenniferlawr) entered chat range (2.49 m).
[16:54] Xi Larnia entered chat range (2.47 m).
[16:54] Ƥἷᾗ Sтσямсяσωღ (nightwalker.stormcrow) entered chat range (2.12 m).
[16:54] Otho Compton entered chat range (6.08 m).
[16:54] Modeé (sletty) entered chat range (3.25 m).
[16:54] randy Thor entered chat range (2.63 m).
[16:54] John (simplemanjohn) entered chat range (11.00 m).
[16:54] ohTracy entered chat range (12.49 m).
[16:54] Kazuka (talluhlah.mills) entered chat range (6.63 m).

[16:54] randy Thor: hello rei

[16:54] ohTracy: Hi

[16:54] Jennifer Law (jenniferlawr): Ahoy Tracy

16:54: hi Everyone, I got my gunner back, fresh from Covid recovery

[16:54] Jennifer Law (jenniferlawr): Salutes Lt Rei

[16:55] Ƥἷᾗ Sтσямсяσωღ (nightwalker.stormcrow): Hi everyone

[16:55] Xi Larnia: that is good news at least

[16:55] ohTracy: slow rezzing

[16:55] randy Thor: lovely

[16:55] randy Thor: ok

16:55: Saluts to her fellow Navies and waves to the pirates

[16:55] Kazuka (talluhlah.mills): what was the news?

[16:55] randy Thor: I want to speak for a moment now. you guys sail a lot so you know who is missing

[16:56] Cortes (mental.cortes) entered chat range (3.32 m).

[16:56] Jennifer Law (jenniferlawr): Ahoy Cortes

[16:56] Ƥἷᾗ Sтσямсяσωღ (nightwalker.stormcrow): Please stay quiet while randy speaks

[16:56] Cortes (mental.cortes): Ahoy

[16:56] randy Thor: I was told this morning that admiral Amanda Dallin died early Sunday morning in her sleep
[16:56] randy Thor: they said they think a heart attack

[16:56] ohTracy: OMG

16:57: Oh no 😦

[16:57] Jennifer Law (jenniferlawr): OMG

[16:57] randy Thor: I’m pretty distressed

[16:57] Ƥἷᾗ Sтσямсяσωღ (nightwalker.stormcrow): Sad Day

[16:57] ohTracy: very sad day

[16:57] randy Thor: I wanted to tell you all since you sailed with her so many times

[16:57] Jennifer Law (jenniferlawr): Very sad

[16:57] Modeé (sletty): NOOOO

[16:57] Kazuka (talluhlah.mills): Ohh no

[16:57] randy Thor: its a bit crushing to me

[16:58] Modeé (sletty): any way to get that confirmed ?

[16:58] randy Thor: funeral is tomorrow

[16:58] Modeé (sletty): that is confirming enough 😦

[16:58] Jennifer Law (jenniferlawr): I’m devastated 😦

[16:58] randy Thor: me too, sad beyond words

[16:59] ohTracy: I’m confident we all are

[16:59] randy Thor: and no warning

[16:59] Kazuka (talluhlah.mills): I need to process this

[16:59] Modeé (sletty): How old was she ?

[16:59] randy Thor: we sailed Saturday

[16:59] ohTracy: that’s the way I wanna go

[16:59] randy Thor: mid 50’s I think

[16:59] Modeé (sletty): to young much to young 😦

[16:59] randy Thor: yes easy I hope she felt no pain

[16:59] Xi Larnia: For those that had been around long enough, she was the last of the original conties

[17:00] randy Thor: oh yes

17:00: I don’t think I can fight today, my heart feels like it’s going to break

[17:00] randy Thor: she sailed in the originals in big battles

[17:00] Otho Compton: sorry back

[17:00] randy Thor: I’m sorry rei

17:00: she promised to be there 😦

[17:00] randy Thor: wb Otho

[17:00] Otho Compton: ty

[17:01] randy Thor: I really really wish she could be rei

[17:01] Modeé (sletty): I don’t know what to say ::(

[17:01] Otho Compton: omg no freekin way

[17:01] Kazuka (talluhlah.mills): /bows her head and remembers a fallen sister

[17:01] Xi Larnia: You don’t have to say anything Modee..

[17:01] randy Thor: yes

17:01: no words 😦 and she opened up to me as well about her sl journey and how everyone makes her happy only for her to leave 😦 T_T

[17:02] randy Thor: she was an amazing person

[17:02] Ƥἷᾗ Sтσямсяσωღ (nightwalker.stormcrow): please remember her with every cannon you fire today and everyday

[17:02] ohTracy: taught me alot

17:02: nods

[17:02] Jennifer Law (jenniferlawr): Only comes in my memory the day she welcomed me into Continental Navy

17:02: then for her I will battle today

[17:02] Modeé (sletty): sorry I don’t feel like battling now 😦

[17:02] randy Thor: we wear pink to honor her

[17:03] ohTracy: cant see very good now

[17:03] Ƥἷᾗ Sтσямсяσωღ (nightwalker.stormcrow): I remember the number of time she sank my ship

[17:03] randy Thor: really, I cant

[17:03] Modeé (sletty): Pin keeps scores on everyone that sinks him 🙂

[17:03] Otho Compton: kat and i send our condolences knew mz dallin 14 yrs in here as well as joe(((

[17:04] randy Thor: thanks

[17:04] Ƥἷᾗ Sтσямсяσωღ (nightwalker.stormcrow): Lets do this for Amanda

[17:04] Modeé (sletty): I’ll name a ship after her

[17:04] Ƥἷᾗ Sтσямсяσωღ (nightwalker.stormcrow): she would not want us to cancel

[17:04] randy Thor: then go to your respective rezzing place

[17:05] randy Thor: and good luck

[17:05] Kazuka (talluhlah.mills): We battle for Amanda

[17:05] randy Thor: good

[17:05] Ƥἷᾗ Sтσямсяσωღ (nightwalker.stormcrow): Amanda

[17:05] ohTracy: Il try for her

[17:05] Otho Compton: lets us know if there is a service for her

[17:05] Kazuka (talluhlah.mills): tomorrow Otho

[17:05] randy Thor: ok i havent dpone anything past this

[17:06] Otho Compton: time

[17:06] Jennifer Law (jenniferlawr): No psychological condition but, I will participate in memory to Admiral Amanda!

[17:06] randy Thor: ok go and battle now

[17:06] ohTracy: so very sorry Randy

[17:06] randy Thor: pirates rezz here

[17:06] randy Thor: thank you tracy

[17:07] Kazuka (talluhlah.mills): Admiral Amanda Memorial battle

[17:07] randy Thor: ok navy off with you and go rezz

[17:07] Xi Larnia: let’s do this. it is how she should want a rememberance

[17:07] Kazuka (talluhlah.mills): it is

[17:08] randy Thor: jenn and rei come on

[17:08] Jennifer Law (jenniferlawr): I’m sorry Randy an irreparable loss for everyone and especially for you who always fought alongside her.

[17:08] randy Thor: xi asked me to sail

17:08: nods

[17:08] randy Thor: she meant and was a lot to me

[17:08] Kazuka (talluhlah.mills): she meant a lot to all of us
17:08: nods 😦

[17:09] Second Life: Teleport completed from Antiquity Caribbean (73,81,22)

I will be posting the memorial on another blog post.

Dedicated to Jennifer Law, Xi Larnia, Rain and Finity Westland, Randy Thor, Modee – my fellow Continental navies who are also mourning for one of our navy family’s death.

To Sandrine, who lost the love of her life on 22th of May 2021.

Dear Amanda, I dedicate this song for you, may you sail in peaceful seas wherever you are.

PS: Unedited, all photos are my shots via Firestorm Viewer for Secondlife. One photo of Amanda in the Storm by Xi Larnia.

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