Rei and David Arrives in Greenhaven

(This is a Secondlife Roleplay for my centaur character as they start their official rp journey in a medieval fantasy sim called Greenhaven/Greater Alliance)

It was a slightly humid day when two centaurs finally reached a secluded yet magical land.

Holding the scroll she got from her friend, Cleric Breydon, she opened it once more. Eyeing the handwriting of her mentor.

Greeted by Lady Rieka of Greenhaven
Lady Rieka and the Centaurs

Her home was devastated by flooding brought about by the humans who were so apt in building resources that destroys the planet and their kind has no other choice, either to adapt, move away or die.

Arrival in Greenhaven
Arrival in Greenhaven

She and David didn’t want to adapt as it means they have to be forced to turn human and forget who they are. She aired her concern to her Mentor who then told her that she and David could settle in Greenhaven and start anew. Along with the scroll was a map on how to get there so for 60 days and 59 nights, their journey is finally over.

Greeted by Lady Rieka of Greenhaven
Lady Rieka

They were then greeted by Lady Rieka who then showed them the way to enter the realm.

As Rei and David trotted the path down the land, they saw a tavern and entered. Upon entering, they saw their old friend Dorian the Drow and the Harbor Master Iorveth.

Greeted by Lady Rieka of Greenhaven
Greenhaven Harbor

Once they entered the Tavern, a familiar white hair and dark glowing skin can be seen right in front of them.


me, David, Dorian and Iorveth
Inside the Tavern

[13:48] Dorian Taur’réd : glances toward the clattering of hooves as the two enter. Rei! David!” he shouts, nearly spilling his wine. He looks them over once and raises his eyebrows, “I see some adventures were had, eh? Welcome in, you two. Iorveth, these two are old friends of mine from before.”

[13:49] Rei : waves to the handsome Drow and nods to the other man.

[13:49] Iorveth : “Welcome to Greenhaven. I am harbor master Iorveth.”

Dorian and Iorveth
Dorian and Ioveth

[13:49] David : nods to every one

[13:49] Rei : happily clasps her hands at seeing her old dear friend

[13:50] Rei : looks at the harbor master and replies, “Pleased to meet you Harbor master Iorveth. I am Rei the Desert Centaur while this is my companion, David.”

[13:55] Iorveth : nods respectfully. “Nice to meet you. I hope you feel well here. we are a friendly realm. Feel free to explore. beware of wild animals in the pastures and always watch the sky.. there are dragons. they are allies, but you can never tell what could happen if they meet strangers.”

[13:56] Rei : Rei grabs something to drink for her and David and she bid her friend adieu for the day as she and David decided to start looking for a place to stay for the night.

[13:56] Dorian Taur’réd : smiles to his friends, “Feel free to grab a drink as you wander, my dears. I keep my tab paid up in advance.”

[13:56] Rei : “it’s a pleasure to meet you too, Harbormaster, we will keep your advice in mind as we explore around, See you later too my dear friend, Dorian.”

[13:57] Iorveth : “if you need shelter.. this tavern has rooms and in the pastures are the cavaliers they have stables. forgive me, but I do not know what you prefer.” he smiles and hopes not to be impolite, but he does not know much about centaurs.

[13:57] Rei : the two centaurs then walked out of the Tavern and started their journey to look for a place to stay. “Thank you, Harbor Master, we shall see what we can find.”

After roaming around, Rei and David decided to admire the view from the bridge and she asked her companion. “What do you think of this place?”

By the Bridge
by the bridge

[14:24] David : Smiles down at her, “looks like a fine place to stay.”

[14:25] Rei : nods and looks up at David. “Do you think we can start our lives here?”

[14:29] David : He grabs her hand and gingerly holds it then he said, “Yes I think we sure can.”

Then they smiled at each other and stared up at the warm sun in front of them.

By the Bridge
Facing the sun together

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