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He stared at me, memorizing my face. Our skin hot with sweat and sex. He kissed, nipped my lower lip and sucked on my tongue. He kept whispering he loves me with his every strong Yet pleasurable thrusts inside me. “The situation is now in your favor.” He thrusted harder once more. He then stopped,…

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It was all surreal. A beautiful nightmare. The sandman weaving in and out of my body. The quicksand of love burying me. I have to hold on to him. Beads of sweat glistening under the soft light. We moved as one, Moaning each other’s name Like a thirsty man searching for an oasis Begging in…

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The Violin

“Patience is a virtue, my love,” he whispered to her as he gently pulled the strings on her shoulder, like the delicate strings of his violin, her body created more excitement in him.

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Nerds Make Better Lovers

A hot body might get you in the door, but eventually, what meets the eye will fade. It’s important to add depth and substance to your personality. The hottest, most intense relationships are the ones with people you can really talk to, laugh with and learn from every day.

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Her Redemption (Chapter 1)

Slowly I unbutton her shirt and saw the old scars formed by the incident. I gently touched them one by one. In gentle loving motion. Her scars never reduced her in my sight. She's beautiful inspite of her scars.

As my finger brushed upon her collarbone, she spoke.

"That is where he bit be."

And without any hesitation, I kissed the biggest scar, and she smiled.

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Love unsaid

For a long time, I have known you, You were so dear to me. Close to me that I can even touch you, See you, talk with you. But, It seems so very hard for me to tell you That I am in love with you. While you read my poem for you, I hope…

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Ang Anghel at Si Tintin.

Characters: Nanay Selya- isang malungkot na ina. Lolo Jose- Lolo ni Miko na mahilig gumawa ng mga laruan. Tin tin- anak ni Nanay Selya na may sakit na Cancer. Anghel ng Pasko- Isang imahinasyon na nagkatotoo. Pinangalanang Cherilika. Geric- Kapatid ni Tin Tin. Mark- Matalik na kaibigan ni Tin Tin. Narrator   Setting: Sa isang…

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