Category: Musings, thoughts and dreams

Shadow play

My tanned skin glistening with sweat as I danced in front of you. Hips swaying, slowly moving towards you. My body dangerously feverish upon the sight of your intent eyes. Your mischievous smile, sensual stare lighting my path in this tempting darkness. You waited in anticipation for the gift that I will bestow upon you. I…

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Sept 25, 2017 Dream

I know I am so tired last night but this dream must be a way for me to release the tension and stress. I uttered breathy moans while my hands covered my face. I can feel his fingers running lightly as they traced the curve of my neck, my breast, down to my navel and…

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Sensual Binding

I asked him as he bound my wrist “what do you want me to do?” He lowered himself until his head is down my navel. He looked up to me with a wicked smile, his face close to where he wants to be. Then said to me, “Come to me, then let me taste your…

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