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Here I am lying in the dark.
Sensations and senses heightened.
Embers of warmth filled me.
I was literally breathless,
I was sweating, moaning, about to pass out.

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Fighting Pain

In the stillness of this night, I let my thoughts fly, After each stroke of my fingers, the embers of strength showers down on me, I am ready to fight. My body and soul are weary, in pain and breaking But here I am, standing up. I am still alive…. – Rei Valentine/thereclusesoul 1:21 AM…

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I am so tired. I feel so worthless. I feel so alone. For how long can I act strong? For how long can I keep up this fake smile? When all I wanted is to scream! For how long will I be used by the people I love? I am so tired. My body is…

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Bitter woes for some, A blessing for others. The rain ellicit emotions. Some are reminded of their first kiss, The others, their cry after losing a loved one. It destroys but it also blesses us with new life. People are puzzled why I love the rain. It was when my first kiss happened. It was…

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It was all surreal. A beautiful nightmare. The sandman weaving in and out of my body. The quicksand of love burying me. I have to hold on to him. Beads of sweat glistening under the soft light. We moved as one, Moaning each other’s name Like a thirsty man searching for an oasis Begging in…

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Shadow play

My tanned skin glistening with sweat as I danced in front of you. Hips swaying, slowly moving towards you. My body dangerously feverish upon the sight of your intent eyes. Your mischievous smile, sensual stare lighting my path in this tempting darkness. You waited in anticipation for the gift that I will bestow upon you. I…

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