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He stared at me, memorizing my face. Our skin hot with sweat and sex. He kissed, nipped my lower lip and sucked on my tongue. He kept whispering he loves me with his every strong Yet pleasurable thrusts inside me. “The situation is now in your favor.” He thrusted harder once more. He then stopped,…

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The Violin

“Patience is a virtue, my love,” he whispered to her as he gently pulled the strings on her shoulder, like the delicate strings of his violin, her body created more excitement in him.

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Someone To Fall Back On

Someone To Fall back on by Jason Robert Brown I’ll never be A knight in armor With a sword in hand, Or a Kamikaze fighter; Don’t count on me To storm the barricades And take a stand, Or hold my ground; You’ll never see Any scars or wounds- I don’t walk on coals, I won’t…

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Her Redemption (Chapter 1)

Slowly I unbutton her shirt and saw the old scars formed by the incident. I gently touched them one by one. In gentle loving motion. Her scars never reduced her in my sight. She's beautiful inspite of her scars.

As my finger brushed upon her collarbone, she spoke.

"That is where he bit be."

And without any hesitation, I kissed the biggest scar, and she smiled.

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What in the world did Hamai Misa want from Hino Kahoko?

What in the world did Hamai Misa want from Hino Kahoko? By Dreclusesoul Genre: Romance K+ Setting: 3 years after the series AN: It’s been a while since I’ve written something, been so busy with my Teaching Practicum. Len wondered. The concurs participants wondered. The entire Seiso Academy wondered. What in the world did Hamai Misa want from Kahoko Hino? There…

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