A Mother’s Happiness

I love the way I watch you, my child.
From the moment I conceive you,
Never before I am much happier.
Oh, I remember how I smile
Every time I feel you move inside me.
So proud for being blessed with the
The miracle of life within me.

Isn’t that once I first held you lovingly?
On the time I got you out of this world;
You are so soft, so small and delicate.
I looked at you in my arms,
There you are sleeping peacefully.
I remember the nights when you were scared,
I would hold you tight to
Make you strong.
The first time you walked,
The first time you speak,
Oh, how I live and cherished those memories.

But then! I realized that
I was crying about the truth;
That I never really had the chance to hold you
The chance to feel you and love you
For it was not yet time for me to have you,
So I decided to kill you, I’m sorry my child,
I’m so sorry…



This poem is dedicated to all mothers who were sorry for committing abortion and For their unborn children.


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