Product and Service Review: Hotel Sogo, Edsa Guadalupe.

I always do products and service reviews on my other blog and this is my first time reviewing about hotels.

Shout out to my friends Corrine and Jedd. I know they are busy at the moment enjoying the 12 hour stay we prepared for the love birds. Jedd, our man decided to surprise his girl of 4 years by asking her hand in marriage. Corrine is from Bulacan while Jedd hails from Cavite. They have been lovers since their past companies. Jedd works with us while Corrine works in a BPO company.

4 (me, Franz, Jedd and Lisa) of us went to Sogo Guadalupe branch to chip in for their 12 hour weekday promo. Lisa and I bought pink and red papers and cartolinas from a bookstore in Guadalupe Mall. Franz took the liberty of purchasing flowers from Robinsons pioneer mall while Jedd bought a cake from Goldilocks located below the hotel where he placed the engagement ring in the cake.

The check in time was 5 PM and we are all expecting Corrine to arrive by 6 PM. It was actually an urgent call as I was out with my mom in Ayala when I got their call for help. The room was PHP1350 (around 25 USD).

At first I was a bit worried because these types of hotels have a reputation of being branded as a love hotel in my country but over the years, according the receptionist, I interviewed while waiting for the check in, much like Victoria Court Hotel, they are gearing towards a bigger audience like transit travelers (those who need to travel to different places and needs a cheaper place to stay), family get together, honeymoon, Bridal showers, Baby showers, and Stag parties that fits the budget of most people. Class B and C who wants to celebrate life on a budget but with high quality service. Hotel Sogo offers the following number of hours 3, 6, 8, 12, 24 hours where prices vary depending on the day.

The room we booked for our lover boy soon-to-be groom is an Executive room located at the 8th floor. It has a Queen sized bed with two side tables, a dining area with 2 chairs where we placed the chocolate cake, A dresser, a big window where one can sit on offering the view of Ayala Makati skyline. It also has a television, wifi access, hair dryer, shower room with hot and cold water. The place is typically like the hotel that my husband and I stayed at when we were in Bohol where they have automated key card that you have to place on the card cradle to activate the room lights and electricity.

Lisa and I started cutting the colored cartolinas into heart shapes. We placed them like an arrow pointing from the door going towards the table where the cake is then from the table to the bed. Franz removed some of the petals from the roses he got from Robinsons pioneer and scattered it all over the bed and on the floor. The other flower bouquet, he placed by the bedside table. We were all in a hurry so we made sure that all things are set before 6 PM.

Franz and I went down around 5:30 PM first to get out of the hotel while Lisa stayed a bit because she was using calligraphy to write a “will you marry me and build a basketball team with me?” message on a light green cartolina.

This experience is really funny and an eye opener for me. Firstly because I am always, home and work type of gal. I always deviate from trying to get in a certain place because of its past reputation but I didn’t know that they are a hotel catering to people from all walks of life. Next time I will make a thorough review of this Hotel and other hotels once my husband and I visit but for now, I hope that Corrine finally gave Jedd her sweet yes so that I can prepare and lose weight for their wedding.


Ambiance: 3 out of 5

– the place is kind of Japanese type but I really did not feel the Japanese air around me.

Staff and customer service: 4 out of 5

– friendly and answered all my questions about the background of the company, room rates and mission

Cleanliness: 4 out of 5.

The room we got for our future groom was nice looking, smelled clean and well lit.

Value for the money: 3 out of 5

– cheap for as 12 hour rate however, breakfast was not included so it’s a 3 for me because if I am the one staying in the place, food is of ultimate importance to me.

Overall rating: 3 out of 5.

Rating may change if I finally use their service and with my husband.

For more information about the hotel, please visit

Disclaimer: names of my colleagues are changed for privacy purposes.

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