Do I really care?

What a day it is!
You woke up in a happy and peaceful trance.
You ate your breakfast, read the papers.
Lighthearted and you start your day right
But! as you stepped out You saw your environment.
Bang! It hit you like a bullet to your heart
Full of despair. Beggars knocking at your door
Begging and asking for food to relieve their hunger and pain.
You ignored them, for you don’t care.

Some families in your neighborhood are fighting,
Whether they are rich or poor, It’s still the same, You didn’t care!
Even in your family and your friends
You seemed to be very harsh and cold.
Until one day, all of a sudden, Just like the blink of an eye,
They were all gone and you’re all alone.
You have no one to come to
When you are in need and in trouble.
And then – slowly and gently,
You remembered those beggars,
Your neighbors, family, and friends.
Tears began to fall from your eyes
And you asked yourself:
“Do I really care?”
When the only thing that is left
Is you and you alone.


Dee Almeda View All →

Multi-conscious, Sensual, Intuitive and a follower of Goddess Inanna

A woman who values life in a higher divine level than the materialistic level of life.

Loves volunteer works for Non-Government organizations that supports life, animals, nature and spiritual growth.

Currently in a quest to achieving Multi-Dimentional Consciousness.

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