Do you love yourself? Maybe it’s time to listen to you.

Life is hard, when did it become easy? It’s a matter of how long you can push your limits. I used to be like you but there are times and moments I am sucked in by my negativity. Always believing on the negative words that people say to me.



Not a good person

Unworthy of praise

Not a good father, mother, child

A bad worker


Hopeless romantic


Man with no backbone

Mama’s boy

Bitchy slut

Pregnant out of wedlock

Other hurtful words that are too many to mention that almost half of the world’s population experienced, experiencing and will experience. We always blame ourselves, we do not blame the time when we are too loving, caring and trusting to these people who spew these words to us as opportunists who rely on what we can give to them, they keep on taking without regards to our well being and feelings, the blame was always on you or me. We look at the mirror angrily, shouting curse words at the person staring back at us. Attracting more unfortunate events in our lives. I did that before to the point that if I can only slap the person on the mirror, I would do so.

Do you believe more on the negative words of others than yourself? You know fully your skills, talents and what you are made of. The past doesn’t make you. The failed opportunities and regrets does not define you as who you are right now. You only did what you thought was best in the past with good intention even if the means to achieve it was not. This is what I learned from my Life Mentor Jim. Everyone has the best intention for themselves and the people they love. However, the means to achieve those intentions are not what’s society wants.

We have to face our inner demons, the nagging person inside our heart and mind. Find solace in you. Close your ears to the negative and hurtful words of others. Yes, if you did make mistakes, acknowledge it, apologize but don’t dwell on it and prove them wrong no matter how hard you feel like giving up. My motto is always – baby steps. Do not be in constant hurry. Prove yourself not to others, you don’t owe them who you are. You owe it to YOU. 

When you are on the brink of drowning yourself with hurtful words, turn around, breathe in then face the mirror again. This time, apologize to the sad person on the mirror, embrace your brokenness but this time, tell the person on the mirror these words.

I am strong.

I am beautiful/handsome.

I am a good father/mother/child.

I will work smart.

I am not my past.

I am a parent to beautiful children.

I am protective, loving, independent.

I am the dictator of my future.

I love that I am not perfect because I am human.

I don’t have to please everyone.

I love me.

I am worthy and enough to live in this world.

(Dedicated to my soul family R and G, I love you both)

  • Author’s Note: this is unedited so please feel free to message me if you see anything that needs to be corrected.

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