Random (02 March 2021 6:30 PM Manila time)

I am currently up on the “tower” of our house. The tower is the small look out area which is the 5th level of our our. I enjoy climbing there because from there you can see the mountain range and it makes me feel like I am an infinite being. Sometimes I will lay down a thin mattress and would just stare up the night sky trying to count the stars the peeks from the clouds and city lights.

I love city skylines, I love seeing tall buildings with their lights. Tall and mighty, unassuming of the uncertainties that face the world right now. They are inanimate beauties created by men. Sometimes I marveled at how we came from the caves, to ancient structures, magnificent architecture, to industrial and almost glass like structures that stands strong despite few earthquakes and hurricanes.

If you look at the first photo you’ll see it is a contrast to the 2nd photo. This second photo is the other side of what I can see. Mostly trees, semi-urban feel and if you can zoom closer (too bad my camera is not that good, you can see the mountain range. Where I stand right now is a balance of where I am. I love this side more because the 200 plus year old tree on the right is one of the living structures that I enjoy watching out for (we only have wet and dry seasons but the tree acts as if we have 4 seasons because it blooms flowers, then goes all green, then yellow then like winter, it dies then comes back again in cycles. A great reminder that it’s okay to sometimes wilt, give up, rest and bear flowers once more.

I am not really making sense at all, hahahaha. I am typing these while staring at that airplane and few stars around it. I am so sleepy but it’s very humid and hot in the house. Here on the 5th level it’s not that hot and it’s windy. Please don’t mind me blabbering nonsense. Lol. Like the title, these are random thoughts that I suddenly have the urge to write about. Someday I’ll ride an airplane again….maybe to sky dive….or maybe visit my soul family in other countries.

Taking this last one with the church bell tower and the stars above makes me want to break into a song. “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you….and all the things that you do….”. Oh I am so sure you are familiar with the song Yellow by Coldplay. Any how, time for me to go down and try to get some Zzzs. Huge hugs to all. 🥰😊


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Multi-conscious, Sensual, Intuitive and a follower of Goddess Inanna

A woman who values life in a higher divine level than the materialistic level of life.

Loves volunteer works for Non-Government organizations that supports life, animals, nature and spiritual growth.

Currently in a quest to achieving Multi-Dimentional Consciousness.

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